Fuel TV expands footprints in Australia with Fetch

Fuel TV expands footprints in Australia with Fetch

Fuel TV expands footprints in Australia with Fetch – The renowned Global Home of Action Sports offers a thrilling selection of shows, live streams, documentaries, music, and urban culture.

This partnership grants Fetch TV customers access to FUEL TV’s immersive entertainment, attracting action sports enthusiasts and those captivated by its arresting visuals and youthful vibe.

FUEL TV’s CEO, Fernando Figueiredo, emphasizes the significance of this collaboration within the company’s global strategy, solidifying its already strong presence in Australia, a leading surfing nation.

“For us, being part of Fetch TV’s portfolio of channels is a significant step towards expanding our footprint in the country where action sports were first perceived as professional disciplines. And it’s a natural move too”, he states.

“This welcomed partnership is a very timely pne”, adds Felipe Castilho, FUEL’s CRO. “With surfing and skateboarding joining snowboarding and BMX as Olympic sports, the demand for quality action sports content has been growing exponentially. Expanding our presence in Australia via Fetch TV is invaluable, as we’re looking at a country with true Olympic medal ambitions in these sports, with matching audiences”, asserts Felipe.

For Fetch TV, incorporating FUEL TV into its channel offering demonstrates their commitment to delivering unmatched entertainment from the action sports world. This seamless integration allows Fetch’s subscribers to access FUEL TV’s premium content through their set-top boxes, alongside a diverse range of channels and on-demand options.

This partnership enhances the entertainment experience for Australian viewers, as FUEL TV brings adrenaline-pumping action sports and captivating adventure content.

It solidifies Fetch TV’s position as the premier platform for sports and entertainment enthusiasts throughout the country.

Fernando Figueiredo (FUEL TV CEO) —

“We’ve have had a strong household presence in Australia since 2004, when FUEL TV kicked-off Down Under. Due to contractual reasons, there was a presence gap between 2014 and 2019, but since then our numbers have been growing steadily. I’m sure the partnership with Fetch TVwill represent an additional boost to these numbers as well as an added value to Fetch’s subscribers.”

Felipe Castilho (FUEL TV CRO) —

“Presently, FUEL TV has a worldwide presence in over 120 countries and is accessible on over 700 million devices across multiple platforms. These are unmatched figures within our target audience making FUEL TV the obvious choice for the ever-growing audience of action sports. On top of FUEL TV’s endemic relationship with the Australian sports audience, the Olympic Games roadmap, from Paris 2024 to Brisbane 2032, with L.A. 2028 in the middle, makes the present partnership a very timely one.”


Founded in 2003, FUEL TV is the global home of action sports on television. Available in more than 100 countries around the world, FUEL TV is the only channel focused exclusively on the sports, culture and lifestyles of Surfing, Skateboarding, Snowboarding, Free Skiing, BMX and MTB, and the art, music and fashion that define them.

FUEL TV is available as a Free Advertising-supported Streaming Television (FAsST) channel in key territories, and as a global premium Subscription Video-on-Demand
(SVOD) service called FUEL TV+. Headquartered in Lisbon, Portugal, FUEL TV has offices in Los Angeles, Miami, São Paulo, Beijing and Melbourne. For more visit www.fuel.tv/

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Fuel TV expands footprints in Australia with Fetch

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