Farmer Wants a Wife
Farmer Wants a Wife (image - Seven)

Farmer Wants A Wife – Farmers Will, Ben and Harry find love

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A bush fairytale comes true as Farmers Will, Ben and Harry find love

The road to real love has had a happy ending for Farmers Will, Ben and Harry, who followed their hearts in tonight’s Farmer Wants A Wife finaleon Channel 7 and 7plus.

Before final decisions were made, the tables were turned as the bush bachelors headed to the big smoke for one last chance to connect with the partners and their families.

Farmer Harry had one question in mind as he landed in Queensland’s Sunshine Coast to see Sam’s choice, 27-year-old insurance claims specialist Bronte: 

“The age difference between Bronte and I, it’s the elephant in the room, ’cause she is 27 and I’m 23. She wants to have kids very soon, and start that new chapter. Meeting Bronte’s family, I’m hoping to understand a little bit more about where she is on her timeline.“

Farmer Ben travelled three hours south of his farm to Sydney to see 24-year-old beauty therapist Kiani and her family. After spending the afternoon asking Ben some hard-hitting questions, Kiani’s mum was not convinced: 

“My concern is it doesn’t sound like he’s got a lot of time for a relationship. But he seems very nice and very suited to Kiani.”

Down south, Farmer Will made the four-hour drive to 25-year-old legal assistant Madi’s family home on the outskirts of Melbourne with a clear agenda:

“I’m definitely going to be taking a lot of notice with how Madi interacts with her family and how she interacts with me in that similar situation. People are more themselves around their family ’cause they’re comfortable. It’s as simple as that. I feel like it’ll either strengthen my thoughts, or yeah, maybe alleviate some doubt.”

After chatting to 22-year-old psychology student Tess’s mom at their Gold Coast family home, Harry got a harsh reality check when she said:

“Tess can’t move to the farm immediately because she has 18 months left to complete her Master’s Degree in Psychology. Tess is really setting up her life. After that she’s a free agent to choose whatever pathway she wants.”

Over in Brisbane, the hometown of 32-year-old hospital administrator Leish, Ben was vetted by two of her closest friends:

“Jordan and Ashley were very protective. They definitely grilled me a bit, but I’d expect nothing less. They just want to see Leish happy.”

Later, when Will made the mammoth trip from his farm in regional Victoria to 26-year-old dental nurse Jess’s regional hometown of Esk in Queensland, she was keen to know her family’s opinion:

“Hearing my older sister, Kim, what she has to say about Will would definitely like mean a lot to me, and same with Mum. I’m keen to see what Mum has to say.”

After the ups and downs of the last few weeks, it was time to return to the Hunter Valley for the final decision.

Farmer Harry faced the ultimate choice between his feelings for Tess and Bronte. Although wary if long distance would work with Tess, Harry couldn’t deny their connection. Saying getting to know her had been the best thing to come out of this whole experience, he declared his love: 

“I thought I knew what I wanted in a relationship and since meeting you that has just reinforced that and I do feel like you tick a lot of those boxes in someone I’m looking for a life partner. And… I love you and I want to be with you.”

For Farmer Ben, it was all about following his “heart”. Even though he had strong feelings for Kiani and knew life with her would be perfect, given she was ready to move to the farm in a heartbeat, Ben chose to listen to his heart rather than his head. He confessed to Leish:

“We’ve shared so many firsts with one another. The first date, the first to come to the farm and the first kiss. From the moment I met you, you’ve always been on my mind. Leish, I’ve fallen madly in love with you and I’d love for you to run away with me and start this next chapter of our lives together.”

Kiani wished Ben well, hoping Leish could love him the way he deserved.

Farmer Will was torn between Jess and Madi:

“I came in with an open mind in regards to love and falling in love but yeah, I honestly didn’t think I’d get to the point that I’m at now.”

After weighing down his feelings for both the ladies, Will realised that his heart belonged with Jess, before telling her:

“When I look forward to my future, I see you in it. I want you to be in it. I really am falling in love with you, and I want to give us a go and I really hope that you do as well.”

“I do! Of course I do! Oh, I’m shaking!”

– smiled Jess as she kissed Will.

Tomorrow night, don’t miss the heartwarming Farmer Wants A Wife Reunion as the farmers and partners are reunited one last time to reflect on their journeys in an emotional special event.

Farmer Wants A Wife Reunion – 7.30pm Tuesday on Channel 7 and 7plus


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