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White Fever on ABC – Jane is on a date at home with a Korean guy, Dae. Things are going well, but when he learns that she is an adoptee, he becomes inconsolably sad and apologetic for the Korean national shame relating to sending Korean babies and children overseas.

Rather than getting any action, Jane is left holding the tissues.

As Jane starts to research, she learns just how big a deal Korea’s national shame for their adoptees is. In her rabbit hole, she comes across the ‘White Fever’ video again. Watching further, she learns that the maker is also a Melbourne Korean adoptee.

The video is a wakeup call and Hera (Cassandra Sorrell) the influencer has a ton of ‘advice’ about how to “decolonise your libido.”

Left wanting more guidance on how to purge her white man urge, Jane DMs Hera to see if they can meet up.

The next day, Jane meets her dad at the boxing gym for some sparring. Jack declares he’s going to win Deidre back, unaware that it might be too late. When Jane sees an Asian woman speaking to her son in their language, she queries Jack on whether she spoke much Korean when they first got her.

Jack shares that they couldn’t shut her up and that she’d march around the house singing in Korean but then one day she just stopped. Feeling disorientated by this new information, Jane is thankful when she receives a reply from Hera inviting her out for a drink.

Jane arrives at a Korean BBQ restaurant thinking she’ll be having a one-on-one catch up with Hera but instead finds herself suddenly amidst a monthly dinner for a group of Korean adoptees. When Jane lets it slip that her birth father wrote to her – which she learns “never happens” – she unintentionally becomes the centre of attention at the dinner and the pressure is too much.

Later at home, Jane finally opens the letter from her birth father.

Production credit: A Black Sheep Films, Orange Entertainment Co., and Unruly Productions Series. Major production investment from Screen Australia and ABC. Financed with support from VicScreen. Producers Katherine Fry and Lisa Wang. Executive Producers Dan Lake, Kurt Royan, Ra Chapman and Rosie Lourde and ABC Executive Producers Louise Smith and Todd Abbott. International Sales by ABC Commercial.

White Fever on ABC and ABC iview – Wednesday 24 April, 2024 at 9.00pm

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White Fever on ABC

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