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White Fever on ABC – Jane’s (Ra Chapman) first date with an Asian man, ‘Michael with a goatee’, is a disaster and she’s without a plus one for Edi’s wedding – so she invites work buddy Charlie (Harvey Zielinski) to be her wingman instead.

As they drive through her hometown of Mount Whiteman, Jane, distracted by the influx of Asian people in the normally very white town for the wedding, almost hits a hot Asian guy at the pedestrian crossing.

As the bridal party is preparing at Edi’s family farm, Jane promises Edi she won’t ruin anything, but as Edi (Katie Robertson) and Kong (Yuchen Wang) exchange vows, Jane eyes up the groomsmen, and then becomes entirely distracted by her ex, Stu, and his chest rug.

When the Asian hottie whom Jane nearly ran over appears at the buffet, Charlie convinces Jane that he’s a fine candidate to be her first Asian male hookup.

Accepting the challenge, Jane turns on her charms to try and capture Yu Chang’s (Chris Pang) attention. But he doesn’t respond.

Never one to be deterred, Jane sets her sights on one of the groomsmen, Vincent, and after a brief flirtation at the bar, she leans in for a kiss. But when he comments on how they have the same nose, Jane is totally wigged out and pushes him away.

Jane is seeking solace at the dessert table when Yu Chang appears. It turns out that he is Jane’s childhood friend, George, who has reclaimed his Chinese name and made quite the transformation.

Drawn to the familiarity of Yu Chang, Jane goes in for a kiss, and while there is definitely a spark between them, he is not interested in being part of Jane’s games and leaves.

Having seen it all, Edi confronts Jane – she’s ruining her wedding just so she can conduct some weird experiment in dating Asian men. After a fight, Edi asks Jane to leave.

The next day, Jane asks her mum if she remembers George and discussion of how he has reclaimed his Chinese name leads to Deidre trying to remember Jane’s Korean name, but Jane won’t have a bar of it and dramatically shuts her mum down.

Production credit: A Black Sheep Films, Orange Entertainment Co., and Unruly Productions Series. Major production investment from Screen Australia and ABC. Financed with support from VicScreen. Producers Katherine Fry and Lisa Wang. Executive Producers Dan Lake, Kurt Royan, Ra Chapman and Rosie Lourde and ABC Executive Producers Louise Smith and Todd Abbott. International Sales by ABC Commercial.

White Fever on ABC and ABC iview – Wednesday 17 April, 2024 at 9.00pm

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White Fever on ABC

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