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This is Going to Hurt on ABC – Adam learns that he is subject of a serious GMC complaint, which means he could lose his license. He begins to obsess about who might have dobbed him in, and his mental health spirals into manic paranoia.

Adam and Harry have their engagement party coming up in the evening. With Adam’s social life a thing of the past, he invites all of his colleagues in a panic, to give the impression he has at least a few people on his side coming.

In the wake of Miss Houghton’s tough love advice, Shruti is attempting to be more emotionally detached to cope with the job. But when she advises a grieving couple in totally the wrong way, Miss Houghton is not at all impressed. Shruti only feels more out of her depth. With a big exam coming up, her stress gets the better of her, and she goes to Adam’s engagement party and gets uncharacteristically hammered. Her colleagues are becoming increasingly worried about her.

At his engagement party, Adam desperately tries to find out who made the GMC complaint about him. He accuses a blameless and hammered Shruti, before discovering the shocking truth. Adam’s spinning plates finally come smashing to the ground, and in the stress of it all, he risks burning his final bridges with Harry.

Production Credit: Sister Pictures

This is Going to Hurt on ABC and ABC iview – Wednesday 6 March, 2024 at 9.00pm.

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This is Going to Hurt on ABC

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