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This is Going to Be Big on ABC – With the countdown to curtain-up fast approaching, Lori, Darcy and Tony are worried with how much work there is left to do.

Chelsea is mindful the pressure of learning lines and performing may increase her stress levels, but decides she wants to continue to motivate herself and hopefully other people too.

Elyse is making huge improvements growing in confidence at each rehearsal, but then heartache strikes as Elyse is admitted to hospital after her Crohn’s disease flares up, it is unknown whether she will be able to make opening night.

Josh is a master of optimism. An expert in all things related to aviation, his life outside school centres on his duties with the Australian Air Force Cadets. His plan to start pilot training is subject to a medical certificate considering his diagnoses of intellectual disability and autism spectrum disorder.

Halle is very creative and capable. She says living with autism means she sometimes likes doing things differently. Halle is a talented artist and a natural performer.

She opens up about how important this lead role in the musical is for her and that it represents a critical step in moving beyond the raw grief of losing her aunt whose favourite song was You’re The Voice.

Chelsea wants to write a speech to all the students to congratulate them on what they’ve achieved, she becomes extremely anxious however and begins to have a panic attack as everything becomes too overwhelming for her.

After 9 months of hard work it’s finally time for opening night, where all the students’ dedication to the cause and resilience comes to fruition and the final performance celebrates love and creativity in equal measure.

Production Credit: Freemantle Australia

This is Going to Be Big on ABC and ABC iview – Tuesday 7 May, 2024 at 8.00pm

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This is Going to Be Big on ABC

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This is Going to Be Big on ABC

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