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The Messenger on ABC – The card is back, with it a gun. Is the gun meant for Dale or for Ed? Either is not an option.

Ed gets rid of the gun. If he’s going to do this cards thing, he’ll do it his way.

Fearing running girl Sophie could be in a dark situation, Ed turns up at her running meet. As the race plays out, it seems Ed’s suspicions might be right, Sophie might be in danger.

Stopping Dale becomes Ed’s priority. Each night he manages to find another way to divert Dale, but Ed soon realises he needs a permanent fix. The pressure builds and when the gun mysteriously reappears, Ed can no longer avoid what he must do.

Ed grapples with all that’s happened. Could his dad somehow be behind the cards?

The Messenger – Sunday 21 May, 2023 at 8.20pm on ABC and ABC iview

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The Messenger on ABC

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