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In Our Blood on ABC – David and Jeremy are forced to reconsider the best way to tackle the worsening AIDS crisis.

Things are further complicated when a blood bank in Sydney bans ‘promiscuous’ gay men from donating blood. There is public outcry at the idea of possibly contaminated blood, and homophobia increases alarmingly.

The gay community is not waiting around, and Deb, Tim, Liam and Michelle are among the grassroots groups offering hotlines, home care and counselling to those affected. Deb and Michelle take in a sick man they find collapsed on a footpath, and it’s only then that they start to understand the severity of the situation.
When David sees the actions the gay community is already taking to look after its own, he realises that the government should let the affected communities control their own peer to peer education. The fliers they are distributing are confronting (some might say pornographic), but they are speaking the language of the intended audience.

Jeremy is convinced of this approach after meeting some of the activists, and doing some due diligence of his own, but he’ll need to get multi-party support to allocate taxpayers’ money to the high risk (criminal) groups.

In Our Blood – Sunday 26 March, 2023 at 8:30pm on ABC and ABC iview

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In Our Blood on ABC

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