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Gold Diggers on ABC – It’s the 1850s, and two ratbag sisters from Sydney travel to Australia’s Gold Rush in search of their own treasure: newly rich idiots.

Marigold decides she’d like to lose her virginity and Gert (Claire Lovering) thinks that a bushranger is just the man for the job. But when ranger, Fab, turns out to be a dangerous Soft Boi, Fran (Megan Wilding) becomes Marigold’s (Danielle Walker) unlikely saviour.
Meanwhile, Gert finds her match in head ranger, JJ (Lincoln Younes), and takes him on a rooting, looting romp in Fran’s palatial home.

Production credit: Produced by KOJO Studios and Stampede Ventures in partnership with CBS Studios for ABC Australia, with production investment from VicScreen and SAFC. For The Alliance — KOJO Studios’ Co Producer is Kate Butler and Executive Producers are Linda Ujuk and Dale Roberts, and Stampede Ventures’ Executive Producers are JP Sarni and Greg Silverman. CBS Studios Executive Producer is Lindsey Martin. For ABC, Executive Producers are Brett Sleigh and Head of Comedy Todd Abbott. The series is distributed internationally outside of Australia by Paramount Global Content Distribution.

Gold Diggers – Wednesday 19 July, 2023 at 9.10pm on ABC TV and ABC iview

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Gold Diggers on ABC

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