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Aunty Donna’s Coffee Cafe on ABC – The boys’ property manager, Nic, comes to the cafe to evict them as they haven’t been paying rent.

However, Nic offers them an extension on paying the rent if they’ll host the annual real estate agent awards, The Cies.

Mark reveals he hasn’t been paying the rent due to an addiction to a drumming arcade game. Broden takes Mark to the arcade to help him overcome his addiction. At the cafe Zach decides he needs to stop The Cies because it’s awful and real estate agents are awful. Zach pops the real estate bubble, so the real estate agents return to the swampy marsh to hibernate until the market regains confidence.

Production credit: A Haven’t You Done Well Productions production for ABC. Principal production investment from the ABC and Screen Australia in association with VicScreen.

Aunty Donna’s director/producer Max Miller and writer/executive producers Sam Lingham, Broden Kelly, Mark Samual Bonanno, Thomas Armstrong and Zachary Ruane are joined by producer Nicole Minchin and executive producer Georgia Mappin. ABC Executive Producers Rachel Millar and Todd Abbott.

Aunty Donna’s Coffee Cafe – Wednesday 26 April at 9:00pm on ABC and ABC iview

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Aunty Donna's Coffee Cafe on ABC

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