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Sarah Ferguson (Revelation)

Podcast | Sarah Ferguson – is the director and presenter of ‘Revelation’, the three part documentary that sets to uncover the secret lives and motivations of the most sickening sexual criminal behavior of Catholic priests and the system that protected perpetrators of heinous crimes against innocent and vulnerable children.

She is an awarding winning and acclaimed investigative journalist and documentary maker. Her desire to uncover injustice and give a voice to people that have been silenced is both courageous and inspiring.

On this podcast Sarah Ferguson chats about:

  • how she processes the type of material she is exposed to for self-care
  • the inclusion of two convicted paedophiles in the documentary
  • attempting to reconcile how the Church covered up sexual abuse
  • drawing conclusions about whether the paedophile  featured knew what they were doing was wrong
  • connecting paedophilia with becoming a priest
  • the seal of confession
  • her level of restraint during some of the interviews
  • society progessing with understanding sexual abuse versus that of the Church
  • what she hopes the documentary will bring to those that watch
  • what is inside her that seeks out injustice

Revelation – now streaming on Netflix

Podcast | Sarah Ferguson

Thanks to Carly Cadogan for organising this podcast

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About Revelation

Now Streaming on Netflix



In Films has today announced the streaming release date for REVELATION. Directed by AACTA Award winner Nial Fulton (Hitting Home, Borderland) and Gold Walkley Award winning journalist Sarah Ferguson, the enthralling and devastating docuseries is set to arrive on Netflix Australia and New Zealand on March 22, 2023.

Revelation is an account of the dark forces behind clerical sex abuse in the Catholic Church and a criminal enterprise hiding in plain sight. In a world television first, cameras are permitted into the trials of two Catholic priests facing charges of sex-crimes against children. Their disclosures and frank confessions are jaw-dropping, exposing a web of conspiracy and perversion. With the help of victims and police investigators, Revelation brings to account some of the most powerful figures in the Australian church.

In bristling encounters, convicted priests attempt to justify their depravity as victims desperately seek justice before their elderly abusers die. We learn details of the crimes of Father Vincent Ryan and Brother Bernard McGrath, who committed horrific abuse against children in their care. It is impossible not to be moved by the trauma and tragedy of their victims as they recount stolen childhoods. Through the trials, the system that enabled their heinous crimes is laid bare, exposing how the Catholic Church chose secrecy over transparency and paedophiles over their victims. As the Church faces its reckoning, Cardinal Pell, Australia’s most senior Catholic, stands accused of multiple allegations of child sexual abuse when he was a young priest in the 1970s.

Over three episodes, Revelation exposes the conspiracy of silence that enabled these unimaginable crimes, told for the first time in the words of the perpetrators themselves.

Podcast | Sarah Ferguson

Revelation Stills

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The Killing Season Uncut (now available)

Podcast | Sarah Ferguson

Australians came to the ABC’s The Killing Season in their droves, their fascination with the Rudd–Gillard struggle as unfinished as the saga itself. Rudd and Gillard dominate the drama as they strain to claim the narrative of Labor’s years in power.

The journey to screen for each of their interviews is telling in itself. Kevin Rudd gives his painful account of the period and recalled in vivid detail the events of losing the prime ministership. Julia Gillard is frank and unsparing of her colleagues.

More than a hundred people were interviewed for The Killing Season – ministers, backbenchers, staffers, party officials, pollsters and public servants – recording their vivid accounts of the public and private events that made the Rudd and Gillard governments and then brought them undone. It is a damning portrait of a party at war with itself: the personal rivalries and the bitter defeats that have come to define the Rudd–Gillard era.

“The making of The Killing Season matched the drama on screen and that’s a story we wanted to tell. And now we have a place for the episodes of rich material we could have put into a 5-part series.” Sarah Ferguson

Sarah Ferguson

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