Four Corners
Four Corners (image - ABC)

Japan’s front line, this week on Foreign Correspondent

After decades of peace, Japan is now confronting the possibility of war.

With concerns over a resurgent Russia, North Korea and crucially, a more powerful China in the region, Japan is embarking on its biggest military spend since the Second World War. 

On Foreign Correspondent, reporter James Oaten has gained unique access to the Japanese military as it fortifies its remote southwest islands with new military bases. The popular tourist destination of Ishigaki, an island that is closer to Taiwan than Tokyo will soon be home to hundreds of soldiers, stockpiles of ammunition and missiles that could one day strike mainland China. The local farming and fishing community is divided over the base, and what it means for their idyllic way of life. The population paid a high price in the dying days of World War 2, fuelling fears that they will once again become a target.

Foreign Correspondent – Thursday 16th February at 8pm on ABC TV and ABC iview

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