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Four Corners on ABC – This week Four Corners takes on the big consultants. ​

Reporters Angus Grigg and Jessica Longbottom dive into the opaque world of government consulting, where firms push ethical boundaries and cost the taxpayer billions of dollars each year: little transparency, almost no accountability.  

​While PwC has attracted headlines over its use of confidential government information to help its clients avoid tax, there’s been less scrutiny of one of Canberra’s biggest players: KPMG. 

​Through forensic examination and whistleblower accounts, Grigg and Longbottom reveal consulting giant KPMG has faced accusations of repeatedly “wasting” public money while contracted by the Department of Defence.  

​The investigation also reveals controversies and conflicts of interest in other firms like Deloitte, Accenture and PwC.

Shadow State reported by Angus Grigg and Jessica Longbottom airs on Monday 7 August at 8.30pm on ABC TV and from Sunday 6 August at 5pm ABC iview.

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