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Russell Hill and Carol Clay didn’t deserve to die. Four years ago, on a camping adventure in Victoria’s remote high country, they had a chance encounter with Greg Lynn.

Only he now knows the precise details of what happened, but there was a dispute that turned violent. The couple, both in their 70s, were killed. Last Tuesday, in an unusual verdict, a jury found Lynn guilty of murdering Carol though not guilty of murdering Russell. But the conviction of the former Jetstar pilot does not mean it’s case-closed just yet.

On 60 MINUTES, Sarah Abo reveals disturbing secrets about Greg Lynn’s past that authorities need to investigate further.

Reporter: Sarah Abo

Producers: Garry McNab, Anthony Dowsley


Twenty-year-old Ruqia Haidari lived with a conflict she could not resolve. She was torn between two worlds. On one hand, there were the strict but important customs of her Afghan heritage.

On the other, the freedoms that life in Australia promised. Her friends said Ruqia longed to be a modern woman, but at home she couldn’t bring herself to disappoint her mother, Sakina Muhammad Jan, who had an entirely different plan for her daughter’s future.

She told Ruqia she must marry a man she barely knew. Love didn’t factor into the equation. It was a forced marriage, it was illegal, and it ended disastrously.

Reporter: Sarah Abo

Producer: Amelia Ballinger


There are many wonderful things about Japan, but the way the country deals with child custody disputes is not one of them.

The Japanese have a bizarre law that allows a disgruntled parent who separates from a spouse to literally abduct the children and run away. In those circumstances, it makes kidnapping legal. Worryingly, an increasing number of Australians, whose relationships with their Japanese partners have ended, have found themselves permanently cut off from their kids.

It’s a heartbreaking situation, but on assignment for 60 MINUTES, The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age’s Eryk Bagshaw reports that there might finally be some hope for change. And it’s in no small way thanks to some extraordinary efforts in Canberra.

Reporter: Eryk Bagshaw

Producer: Natalie Clancy


Front feeble, switch kickflip, crook riva, back 50 backside, bump-to-nose grind! Following? They might be foreign terms to most people, but to skateboarders these words are the sweet sound of success.

That is, assuming the tricks they describe are executed properly. But someone who usually does perform these complicated manoeuvres perfectly is 14-year-old Chloe Covell.

This pocket rocket is Australia’s number one female street skater, and just days away from officially being told she’s going to the Olympic Games.

While Chloe probably doesn’t want to think too far ahead, Tara Brown reports that if she does win in Paris, she will become the youngest-ever Australian gold medallist, breaking a remarkable 68-year record.

Reporter: Tara Brown

Producer: Sammi Taylor

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