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It’s not what mere commoners would ever expect to see: the Royal Family in disarray, seemingly incapable of escaping it. Yet that’s the reality of the past few weeks. With King Charles largely out of action as he receives treatment for cancer, the firm is floundering. How, for example, did a simple photograph of a supposedly happy Princess Catherine and her children turn into a worldwide photoshopping scandal?

That PR fiasco must surely go down as one of the palace’s greatest stuff-ups. Reporting from London, Adam Hegarty asks Royal insiders what’s really going on? And which member of the family might be competent enough to restore the shine to the crown?

Reporter: Adam Hegarty

Producers: Garry McNab, Sheree Gibson


For as long as mankind has been capable of thought, we have known the truth about life: that it ends in death. But as our scientific knowledge increases, there are more and more believers who think humans will soon be clever enough to halt the inevitability of their mortality.

Others of course will never be convinced living forever is either possible or desirable. They say the idea that death could one day be considered a curable disease is nonsense. But advocates of cryonics, including many Australians, tell Amelia Adams now is the time to start getting ready for life after life.

Reporter: Amelia Adams

Producer: Laura Sparkes


Last week’s tenth anniversary of the loss of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 quite rightly focused on remembering the 239 passengers and crew who died. But it was also a rallying call to resume the search for the wreckage. And it seems the Malaysian government could be receptive to the idea.

If it happens, most expect Ocean Infinity, the company which unsuccessfully looked for MH370 in 2018, will again be tasked with the job. But on 60 MINUTES, as Dimity Clancey reports, another group of experienced deep-sea explorers are standing by, ready to head to the Indian Ocean almost immediately.

Reporter: Dimity Clancey

Producer: Sammi Taylor

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60 Minutes on Channel 9

60 Minutes on Channel 9

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