Melissa Tkautz

In this edition of the One on One podcast I talk to Melissa Tkautz who is giving the SAS Australia challenge a crack.

In a more personal interview Melissa talks about the pressures of the industry, the profound loss of her father, being a mother and why fear, self-doubt and panic have been so profound throughout her life.

In this interview Melissa Tkautz discusses:

  • Life after E Street (and she has been busy)
  • Pacific Drive
  • Drugs and creepy blokes in the industry
  • The loss of her father
  • The single “Goodbye Daddy”
  • Motherhood
  • Fear, self-doubt and panic
  • If SAS changed her mindset
  • Impact on COVID for actors and musicians
  • E Street
  • A career of more highs than lows
  • What is coming up next

From a viewer point of view, Melissa shows true grit and courage in this season of SAS Australia and whatever the outcome, she will inspire anyone that is gripped by fear and self-doubt.

Special thanks to Kate Amphlett at Channel 7 for organising the podcast.

Note: My story and podcast first appeared on TV Blackbox

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