Dan Ewing

Dan Ewing

He might be well known for his role as Heath Braxton on Home and Away, but Dan Ewing is coming into his own with the leading man status in a number of films.

Dan Ewing joins Aaron Ryan for a chat about his decision to enlist on the Seven Network’s SAS Australia.

Throughout the podcast Dan chats about:

  • why he decided to join SAS Australia
  • being exposed to tear gas
  • changing of a personable tone to a serious tone for the show
  • being the team encourager
  • focus and determination for SAS
  • on air relationships between the recruits
  • mindset during challenges on the show
  • physical fitness
  • use of meditation in daily life
  • Occupation: Rainfall film
  • being the leading man in films
  • Love and Monsters on Netflix
  • roles he is interested in for the future
  • Home and Away
  • impact of COVID on industry and family relationships
  • what is coming up next



Thank you to Kate Amphlett at the Seven Network for organizing this interview.

Note: This podcast first appeared on TV Blackbox

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