Do You Want to Live Forever? on Channel 9 S1E4
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Tonight | Do You Want to Live Forever? on Channel 9 and 9Now S1E4

Do You Want to Live Forever? on Channel 9 and 9Now S1E4 – In the finale of Do You Want to Live Forever?, the moment of truth arrives for our eight participants.

After 12 weeks of challenges, intense training and cutting-edge treatments, Tracy Grimshaw and Dr Nick Coatsworth reveal whether they have successfully turned back their biological clocks.

Do You Want to Live Forever? on Channel 9 and 9Now S1E4 – Monday 8 July, 2024 at 7.30pm

About the Show

Esteemed journalist Tracy Grimshaw and medical expert Dr Nick Coatsworth will put four pairs of everyday Australians under the microscope, testing the limits of human longevity, when Do You Want To Live Forever? premieres on Channel 9 and 9Now at 7.30pm on Monday, June 17.

They will embark on a life-changing 12-week journey of discovery, exploring the intricacies of health and ageing, seeking the secret to turning back their biological age.

From billion-dollar breakthroughs to simple secrets, Tracy and Nick will travel the globe, visiting the blue zones—regions known for their high concentrations of centenarians—to investigate scientific advances in ageing and discover the latest developments in longevity.

Do You Want to Live Forever? on Channel 9 to be co hosted by Tracy Grimshaw
Tracy Grimshaw said:

“I’ve always believed in the old adage ‘everything in moderation’, but that dates back to my childhood when we ate out twice a year and takeaway was maybe Chinese food every couple of months.

“In today’s world of drive-through meals and home delivery, with all-you-can-eat multiple times a week, moderation probably needs a rethink. 

“Over four episodes, dedicated bio-hackers will show us a portal to what they predict is the future of ageing – but we don’t have to go to their extremes. Our volunteers will teach us that we can all do something every day to improve our odds of a healthy lifespan and keep disease and dementia at bay.”

Do You Want to Live Forever? on Channel 9
Dr Nick Coatsworth said:

“Our brave participants let us join them on an exciting but confronting experiment on their own health and well-being. I can’t wait for Australia to see the results.

“The science of bio-hacking and longevity is so interesting. But what I’ve learned from this program and our participants is that we don’t need to be millionaire bio-hackers to live longer and happier. It’s the investment we make through our day-to-day choices that will add years, maybe decades, to our lives.”

Olympic champion Duncan Armstrong, alongside his son Tom and fan-favourites from The Block, Eliza and Liberty, among others, are gearing up to defy the ageing process and challenge our perceptions of mortality.

In this radical experiment they will undergo supervised medical tests to determine ways they can live longer. They will be exposed to treatments and explore health interventions that may provide clues to help us all live longer.

Through their experiences, we will understand what the future holds, but most importantly, what we can do for ourselves, our kids, and even their kids, to lead better, healthier, longer lives.

The participants range from a couple who consume more than 15 cups of instant coffee a day to an Olympian navigating life after a heart attack, and a business owner and mum relying on energy drinks to fuel her hectic schedule. 

Meet the eight participants in this docu-series who are hoping to turn back their biological clock: 
Do You Want to Live Forever? on Channel 9

Enver (51) and Eliana (57)  
A husband and wife seeking to break free from bad habits and rediscover vitality for a more fulfilling life together.

Do You Want to Live Forever? on Channel 9

Taylor (28) and Luke (28)  
A determined couple who juggle demanding careers while prioritising health for their family’s future, aiming to set a positive example for their kids.

Do You Want to Live Forever? on Channel 9

Eliza (38) and Liberty (35)  
Fan-favourite sisters from The Block embarking on a pursuit of wellbeing, each with her own unique approach to health.

Do You Want to Live Forever? on Channel 9

Duncan (55) and Tom (32)  
QLD and NSW 
Father and son, with Duncan’s Olympic legacy inspiring Tom’s pursuit of health and longevity.

Through their diverse backgrounds and shared aspirations, these eight individuals will inspire viewers with resilience and determination to break through the ageing barrier and live longer, healthier lives. 

Can we extend our youth indefinitely? Can we conquer the diseases that rob us of our vitality and ultimately end our lives? Can we significantly push the limits of human longevity? Could immortality really be within our reach? And most importantly, if it is, do we truly desire it?

Join us for this groundbreaking docu-series commencing Monday, June 17, at 7.30pm on Channel 9 and 9Now.

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Do You Want to Live Forever? is produced by Lune Media, with executive producers Ashley Davies, Leonie Lowe and David Galloway. 

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Do You Want to Live Forever? on Channel 9

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Do You Want to Live Forever? on Channel 9 and 9Now S1E4

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