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Michael Palin: Into Iraq on SBS – Michael Palin embarks on an epic, revelatory journey into Iraq, one of the most dangerous and complex countries in the world.

Following the Tigris river for over a thousand miles, from its source in eastern Turkey to the Persian Gulf, Michael wants to discover what life is like for the 40 million people who live in Iraq.

It’s one of the very few parts of the world he hasn’t visited, but he’s been fascinated by it since he was a child. Iraq is often called the ‘cradle of civilisation’ and Michael wants to explore the country’s past as well as its troubled present.

Series One, Episode Two:

Michael continues his journey into the heart of Iraq on his way to Baghdad, and arrives in Kirkuk and the exact spot where the British discovered oil in 1927, when they also ruled the country. Once again Iraqi officialdom proves both frustrating and long winded.

But eventually they gain privileged access to the olifields where few foreigners ever tread and see the 4000-year-old flames emerging from the ground that underpin Iraq’s ancient history.

But they also have a convoy of minders who watch their every move. Later, Michael meets Sarah, who takes him to a local restaurant to experience the national dish of Iraq, a fish called ‘masgouf’.

Michael Palin: Into Iraq – New Episode – Wednesday, 12 April at 8.30pm on SBS on SBS on Demand (3 Parts)

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Michael Palin: Into Iraq on SBS

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