Podcast | Jansen Andre (The Summit)
Jans Andre (image - Nine)

Jansen Andre (The Summit)

Podcast | Jansen Andre (The Summit) – In the jagged alps of New Zealand, 14 strangers from all walks of life are given one million dollars in cash, divided equally. To keep the money, all they have to do is get themselves and their backpack of cash to the summit of one of the country’s highest peaks.

Trekker Jans Andre is young, fit, healthy, confident and just a bit cocky and is determined that the only way up ‘The Summit’ is his way.

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On this podcast Jans chats about:

  • being more than young, cocky and with good looks
  • the premise of The Summit
  • fit vs unfit trekkers
  • human dynamics v physicality
  • his methodical game play
  • strategy throughout the trek
  • why he likes to be cold, hungry and kicked down and taught a lesson
  • his fitness level
  • being a vegan
  • various businesses he is involved in
  • his way to the top of the summit

The Summit – Sunday 14 May, 2023 at 7pm on Channel 9 and 9Now (continues Monday and Tuesday)

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Thanks to Madison Long at Channel 9 for organising this podcast

Find Jansen on Instagram HERE and HERE and Linktr.ee HERE

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Podcast | Jansen Andre (The Summit)

The Summit

Jansen Andre

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