The Roast of Paul Hogan
The Roast of Paul Hogan (image - Seven)

Tuesday Ratings – The Roast of Paul Hogan #1 non news in overnights with Home and Away taking the crown in Total TV

Analysis for Total TV (15 November, 2022) and Overnight (22 November, 2022) ratings.


Seven News at 6:30 was #1 across Australia with 1,385 000, a rise of 3%. Seven News was #2 with 1,339 000, also up the same 3%. Home and Away was #5 overall, but moved ahead of ABC News and ACA to be #1 in its slot after an uplift of 21% to 918 000 viewers. Kitchen Nightmares can be considered a hit with its season final rising 25% to 849 000 viewers. Due to the last minute pre emption of The Good Doctor last week in America, Seven had to switch the episode for a repeat of Kitchen Nightmares which had 338 000 viewers, a rise of 8%. The Chase Australia is an important lead in to Seven News with an audience of 733 000, up 3%. The Chase Australia – 5pm was on 449 000, a rise of 3%. Seven News at 4:30 was on 307 000, up 3%. Sunrise is #1 at breakfast with 384 000 viewers, an uplift of 5% and puts it ahead of Today by 80 000 viewers.

Nine News 6:30 was #3 overall with 1,014 000, up 4%. Nine News was also up 4% for a final 7 day audience of 992 000. Each day I notice that Nine News is up 4% and Seven News is up 3% – that 1% difference seems to be coming from BVOD rather than regional viewing. A Current Affair was on 898 000 and rose 5%. My Mum Your Dad is doing average numbers in overnight, however with Total TV factored in the show appears quite strong. Last Tuesday’s episode increased by 37% to 762 000. A repeat of Travel Guides was watched by 415 000, a rise of 12%. Hot Seat was on 475 000, up 4% and Hot Seat – 5pm (which is 4pm in Adelaide and 3pm in Perth) was on 317 000, up 3%. Tipping Point was #19 for the day with 410 000 viewers, a rise of 7%. Nine’s Afternoon News, screening from 4pm in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne and from 5pm in Adelaide and Perth was watched by 356 000, up 3%, making comparisons with Seven News at 4 / 4:30 more difficult. Today rose 7% to 304 000, landing at #29.

Love Island Australia had an overnight audience on 9GO of just 29 000 viewers, but factoring in BVOD and regional, that figure increased 594% to 340 000 fans and landed at #25.

The Cheap Seats season final was best for 10 with 514 000 viewers, at #14 and rising 16% on its overnight numbers. The Project at 7pm was up 3% to 438 000. NCIS landed at #30 with 289 000 viewers and was up 25%/ 10 News First was #24 with 350 000, up 2%. The Challenge Australia rose a very healthy 39% for a total audience of 352 000.

ABC News was best for the national broadcaster, placing #7 with 892 000, up 5%. 730 was #10 with 751 000, up 5%. Magda’s Big National Health Check increased its audience 21% for 607 000 – surely a lock in for next year. ABC would be happy with the results for Stuff the British Stole, up 16% for an audience of 600 000. Nude Next Door was #21 with 366 000 viewers, a rise of 22%.



Winner: 7two and 9Gem (3.2)

Second: 10 Peach (2.9%)


Seven News was #1 overall with a clean sweep in all markets. Seven News at 6:30 was #2 overall and also had the clean sweep. Home and Away was #10 for the night at 419 000 but that audience is expected to rise by 20+ in Total TV. The hilarious Roast of Paul Hogan was #7 for the night but #1 non news and #1 in its time slot with 513 000 viewers. The Good Doctor returned after its American pre emption last week with 204 000 viewers after 9:15pm. The UK version of 10 Years Younger in 10 Days had an audience of 91 000, which is pretty solid given its late night outing. The slick, The Latest: Seven News was on 61 000.

Nine News was #3 overall and did not pick up any of the metro markets last night. Nine News 6:30 was #4 with 670 000 viewers. A Current Affair was #5 overall but #1 in its slot with 578 000 viewers. My Mum Your Dad sat at #12 with 396 000, however this has a good BVOD audience as well, so expect a 30%+ rise next week, plus regional. A repeat of Travel Guides was on 300 000. Botched had an audience of 145 000 and Nine News Late had 88 000.

The Project 6:30pm was on 189 000 viewers. Viewers tuning in for The Project 7pm would have been made aware that Pete Helliar is leaving the program. The half hour recorded 258 000. With departures, comes arrivals and this morning 10 announced that Sarah Harris would be joining the show full time in 2023. The Challenge Australia struggled in overnights with 139 000, but the audience is quite strong on BVOD, drawing people to 10 Play, much like Love Island does for Nine. NCIS had just 107 000 viewers last night. A repeat at 9:30 had good retention though with 94 000 viewers.

ABC News was best for the national broadcaster at #6. 7:30 was #11 with 407 000 viewers, Stuff the British Stole continued with 324 000 viewers. A repeat of Love on the Spectrum drew 164 000.

SBS had a massive night moving the broadcaster into third position. The Argentina and Saudi Arabia match placed #9 for the night with 439 000 fans. Even the post match drew 347 000 to place #13.

How the Networks Analysed their Own Performance



  • My Mum Your Dad wins the timeslot with GS + Child across all markets
  • Love Island Australia has recorded a VOD BVOD Audience of 122,000 (+151% YoY)
  • Love Island Australia is the #1 program streamed yesterday against all broadcasters on catch-up
  • 9News wins the timeslot in Sydney with People 16-39 and GS + Child
  • ACA wins 7pm timeslot across 5 City and East Coast and in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane with Total People
  • Today wins breakfast slot across the East Coast and in Sydney and Brisbane with Total People
  • 9Network wins Tuesday with People 25-54 and GS + Child

Channel 9 wins Tuesday with People GS + Child




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