A Train Writes History and Saving the Titanic
A Train Writes History and Saving the Titanic (image - Chronicle)

Two feats of engineering on new streaming service Chronicle

This week we have two new releases for the Chronicle library: the story of Belgian entrepreneur Georges Nagelmackers ambitious passenger train project, the Orient Express and the forgotten heroes of the Titanic disaster.

The brave souls who kept the ship afloat for as long as she possibly could. Keep your eyes out next week for the start of a series of articles from acclaimed narrative non-fiction author Ian W. Shaw.

A Train Writes History

Film – 38 minutes

In the 1800’s, it was unthinkable to travel from Paris to Constantinople by one means of transport.

Saving the Titanic

Film – 1 hour 32 minutes

The story of the engineers who worked to keep the electric power running as the Titanic sank.

Media Release – Chronicle

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