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Paramedics on Channel 9 – A terrified patient with a failing heart has Aaron and Laura on high alert.

Chris and Sam meet their oldest ever patient. 104-year-old Nelly has terrible face injuries after a fall but still gives the boys her secret to longevity.

Paramedics on Channel 9 and 9Now – Tuesday 24 June, 2024 at 7.30pm

About Paramedics

Get ready for more heart-pounding action when Paramedics, the gripping series showcasing Australia’s dedicated ambulance crews in action on people’s toughest days, returns for an exhilarating new season, Monday, April 15, at 8.45pm on Channel 9 and 9Now.

This season of Paramedics will again give viewers exclusive and unprecedented access to our frontline emergency service personnel as they render assistance to those in their time of need. 

New ambulance crews face fresh challenges, heart-stopping drama, and encounter patients whose resilience and will to survive is inspirational. Each gripping episode unfolds the reality of life-and-death emergencies through the eyes of the dedicated paramedics.

In the season premiere, we follow Hannah’s momentous debut as a mobile Intensive Care Paramedic, as she deals with a woman who stopped breathing after collapsing and has no heartbeat.

Meanwhile, Sally and Olivia, both mothers, grapple with concerns over a small boy who may have sustained a head injury after a fall at grandma’s place. 

Watch as single-responder Dan skilfully extracts a P-plate driver after crashing his car, and go along with Aaron and Laura who come to the aid of a young footballer who has taken a blow to the face during a game, just ahead of the school dance.

Buckle up for another season of life-saving rescues filled with courage, compassion, and the extraordinary efforts of Australia’s frontline heroes in Paramedics, which will once again be narrated by acclaimed actor and philanthropist Samuel Johnson OAM.

Paramedics is a WTFN production for the 9Network.

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Paramedics on Channel 9

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