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Hard Quiz Kids (image - ABC)

Tonight | Hard Quiz Kids on ABC Family and ABC iview

Hard Quiz Kids on ABC Family – Gold-Logie-winning comedian Tom Gleeson is bringing an all-new series of his hit show Hard Quiz to the kids!

On Hard Quiz Kids, everything you know and love about Hard Quiz will be let loose on a younger generation. With his trademark grumpiness and wicked humour, Tom will interrogate ordinary, but brainy contestants – the only difference is, they’ll all be aged between 10 and 13.

Hard Quiz Kids will test our smartest children, and as with the regular show, the questions will range from the specific topics of each child, to general knowledge, discovering the strengths and exploiting the weaknesses of our pint-sized contestants.

And as always, the play-along factor is high, because what’s the point of being a well-informed ABC viewer if you can’t yell the answers at the TV in front of the people you love, right?

Who will win the Big Brass Mug when Tom Gleeson unveils four more kids and their wildly wonderful expert subjects?

Toby, who’s into Hamilton the musical, takes on Greta, who believes she knows everything there is to know about the Leadbeater’s possum, Thomas, who’s ready to tell-all about Caterpillar earthmovers, and Emma, who’s studied up on Seinfeld.

Production credit: A Thinkative TV production. Producers: Kevin Whyte, Charlie Pickering, Tom Gleeson. Co-Executive: Producer John Tabbagh. Executive Producer: Chris Walker. ABC Executive Producer: Mark Sutton.

This week’s topics are the Carlton Football Club, sci-fi show Babylon 5, frozen glacier sensation Otzi the Iceman, and Microsoft Excel. (That’s not a typo.) As always, Hard Quiz has something for everyone!

Hard Quiz Kids on ABC Family and ABC iview – Saturday 15 June, 2024 at 7.30pm

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Hard Quiz on ABC
Hard Quiz (image – ABC)

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