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Recap | Married at First Sight on Channel 9 and 9Now (8 April)

Married at First Sight on Channel 9 –  We didn’t have very long to recover from last night’s explosive Married At First Sight Reunion Dinner Party.

Just 24 hours later and we’re back at it again.

This is it, folks. This is the big finale, where all the loose ends will be tied and everything unresolved will be concluded.

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There’s still so many questions to be answered.

Will Jono come clean about what really happened with Ellie? Are Sara and Tim still together after that explosive row? Will psychic bride Madeleine make a surprise appearance?

Well as they say, leave it to the experts…

MAFS 2024 Reunion Grand Finale promo John Aiken
John already looks tired and the night hasn’t even begun. (Nine)

Lauren and Jonathan 

Straight off the back of a very nostalgic video of the brides and grooms wedding days, the first couple – or rather we should say exes – are called to the couch – Lauren and Jono. 

Following Jono and Ellie’s big relationship debut just weeks after Jono vehemently denied that there was anything between them, the experts are interested to hear Jono’s explanation. 

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Jono’s timeline stays consistent with the one he presented at the Reunion Dinner Party and he sticks to his guns that he and Ellie were just friends until the second he called her after Final Vows to give her a heads up about the texting scandal. 

“That’s quite interesting,” expert Alessandra Rampolla passes the slight bit of judgement.

Like the rest of us, Alessandra has a list of questions for Jono. But the main one is this: “Why Ellie?” Yeah Jono, why reach out to Ellie if you didn’t have the hots for her?

But Jono is sticking to his story and Alessandra doesn’t feel like running around in circles, so she’s moving onto why Ellie completely blanked Lauren at the Dinner Party. 

Ellie’s explanation is a tried-and-true MAFS get out of jail free card – sporadic amnesia. 

“I honestly just forgot to say hi to Lauren. It was an honest mistake,” Ellie says. Hmmm interesting. 

Despite it being a case of apparent forgetfulness, Ellie follows up by saying she “felt no need” to talk to Lauren about the whole thing. What does she owe Lauren? Nothing, according to Ellie. 

Jono isn’t really fussed about how Lauren feels about it all, he’s got Ellie now and things between them are “serious”. How serious? Serious enough that Jono is using the phrase, “When you know, you know”. 

Jono is even “on the path” to falling in love with Ellie after three amazing weeks together. 

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Look, we’ve been talking about Ellie and Jono A LOT, but this is Lauren and Jono’s couch session, remember? To remind us, the producers have whipped up a highlights reel of all their most memorable moments together. Roll the tape!

There are giggles from both Lauren and Jono as they look back on some of their fond and not-so-fond memories together and there’s some serious side-eye from Ellie when there’s flashbacks of Lauren and Jono talking about sleeping together at the same time Jono was texting Ellie. AWKWARD. 

It’s even more awkward when Jono is quoted saying “100 per cent no, I would not go there with Ellie”. 

“She’s got you there, Jono,” Jayden chuckles. 

MAFS 2024 Reunion Commitment Ceremony
If I cover my eyes it’s like it never happened. (Nine)

Despite all the obvious issues between Lauren and Jono they leave on the most positive note they possibly could – with nothing but well wishes for each other. 

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Sara and Tim 

Even though they had an all out brawl barely 24 hours ago, Sara and Tim are happy as Larry on the couch. 

MAFS 2024 Reunion Commitment Ceremony
Relationship problems? Not us. (Nine)

You might recall Sara and Tim came to blows after Jono outed Tim for saying that if he had more time before Final Vows he might not have decided to stay with Sara. 

Expert John Aiken wants to “talk about it”. 

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For Sara, hearing Tim had doubts was a “shock” but Tim said it was just a matter of being uncertain because he and Sara had such a turbulent time. 

Speaking of that turbulent time, the producers have summed it up in a three-minute clip. Let’s hit play!

Of course it includes Sara refusing to show Tim her phone, turning down Tim’s dates, the exposure of Sara meeting up with her ex and a surprise cameo from Cassandra calling Sara “shady”. 

The surprise cameos from Cass keep coming and after the clip ends she wants to give her review, perhaps to publish on Rotten Tomatoes? 

“She just lies. Everything out of her mouth is a lie, she lies to make herself look better. There’s nothing honest about her,” Cass gives a scathing summary of Sara’s character. 

“You’re actually the nastiest person. You are not real, you are not authentic, you are the worst.” WOAH! Cass has obviously been needing to get that off her chest for a while. 

MAFS Reunion Grand Finale promo Cass and Sara clash
Cass v Sara. Not a feud we saw coming. (Nine)

Despite all the outside noise and warnings, Tim is happy with his decision to stay with “wifey” Sara. 

It’s blinkers and earplugs on for Sara and Tim who are on their way to falling in love. 

Eden and Jayden 

Usually it’s the experts that get the first word in on the couch, but this is Jayden we’re talking about. 

Always one to add a bit of spice, Jayden has a little thank you gift for the experts. What is it you may ask? Some cheeky Polaroids from Intimacy Week. 

Alessandra, Mel and even John blush at the sight of Jayden covered in whipped cream and strawberries. They might be experts, but they’re still human. 

Since living just minutes apart from each other on the Gold Coast, Eden and Jayden’s relationship has gone from strength to strength. 

Their relationship is so strong that kickboxer Jayden says it should have a heavyweight belt of its own. 

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Eden and Jayden are talking about a brood of kids and dogs in their future and they say it’s all thanks to the expert’s advice. 

“If you do what you always do, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten and that’s nothing but failed relationships,” Jayden reflects. 

MAFS 2024 Reunion Commitment Ceremony
This is what love looks like. (Nine)

Well, at least one of the Eynaud brothers walks away from MAFS a winner. 

Tori and Jack 

As the experiment’s most controversial couple, Tori and Jack have not been looking forward to sitting on the couch. 

Jack is crossing and swinging his legs like a nervous kindergartner and Tori is wincing hoping that it will be “quick and painless”. 

“Can I close my eyes?” Tori asks as she prepares to watch her relationship highlights reel. 

Highlights reel or horror film? By looking at the way Tori is holding a couch pillow to her face, it’s the latter. 

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MAFS 2024 Reunion Commitment Ceremony
Babe, I don’t remember saying any of these things? (Nine)

We are overstimulated by the amount of drama that’s been jam packed into this three minutes. 

Jack’s ex-girlfriend scandal, tick. Jack’s muzzle comment, tick. Jack’s whale comment, tick. Jack’s flirting scandal with Sara, tick. Tori lashing out at the group, tick. Jack’s very confusing Final Vows, tick.

Oh and remember that time Jack denied saying he didn’t have a sexual spark with Tori? Well that’s made the tape too. Jack’s lies have officially been outed. Ooft. 

The credits on the short film are rolling and Tori wants out. “I want to leave,” Tori utters. 

“To sit and watch those really sh–ty times, it’s confronting.” 

Even though the highlight – or as Tori and Jack call it, lowlights – reel showed Jack in all his forms, the pair defend their connection as they have from day dot. 

“In my mind, I know who Jack is and I don’t want to hear it,” Tori says. “I’ve never experienced someone with so much logic. He’s got sometimes too much logic.”

MAFS 2024 Reunion Grand Finale sneak peek Tori and Jack
Tori clearly thrilled to watch her journey back. (Nine)

We’re not sure what logic has got to do with anything at the moment but speaking of, John wants to know what’s Tori’s logic behind staying with Jack? 

“Let me tell you, the best time I’ve had with Jack is when we’ve been away from this. The minute we come back to this, it turns into an absolute s–t fight.”

Tori still has the mic but she has nothing more to say. 

“I don’t have anything to say. I want to leave. Let’s go,” Tori tells Jack.

As she walks off, we hear her say. “What the f–k was that. Are you taking the absolute f–king p–s?”

She tells Jack she wants to leave right now. “I’m done with this.”

And just like that Tori and Jack make like magicians and POOF! Disappear. 

Lucinda and Timothy 

Despite the fact that we’ve got actual exes up on the couch, the vibes with Lucinda and Timothy are like night and day compared to Tori and Jack. 

It seems Lucinda and Timothy are in contact more than some couples have been. 

“Tim and I speak a couple of times a week,” Lucinda says, while Timothy adds: “Especially when it comes to emotional things, I’ll give her a call… she’s always got good advice. 

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If you weren’t already a blubbering mess you will be after hearing Lucinda’s heartfelt description of her and Timothy’s connection. 

“I see Tim… the pain and the struggle and deep loss. What I love about Tim is he just makes the world smile and laugh around him, despite all of his loss. I respect that so much,” Lucinda says through tears.

“Once he loves you, you’re there in his heart. Tim associates with the Tin Man, but he’s actually got a ginormous heart.”

“It’s OK not to be OK, and Lu has showed me that,” Tim adds. 


MAFS 2024 Reunion Commitment Ceremony
I’m no body language expert but this could mean more than friends, right? (Nine)

It’s not just Lucinda that is acting as a cheerleader for Timothy, Timothy’s non-biological MAFS son Tristan is in the squad too.

“Papa. You’ve changed so much and I blame mama. You’ve grown, you’ve touched your emotions. At the start everyone hated you, and everyone loves you!” Tristan chimes in.  

Everyone applauds Timothy for his growth and the applause keeps rolling as Lucinda and Timothy’s journey is played on the screen. 

There’s tears, belly laughs and heart flutters as we watch all of Lucinda and Timothy’s highs and lows. From their first kiss, their blow ups and breakthroughs. It’s a ride to watch. 

As the clip draws to an end, Lucinda plants a kiss on Timothy’s cheek. 

“I love Tim,” Lucinda beams. “Look at this face, he’s the best. We’ve shared so much, and I just feel happy.”

A man of fewer words, Timothy says simply: “I wouldn’t have wanted to do the experiment with anybody else.” 

There’s still a twinkle in their eyes, and so Mel asks the question everyone wants to know: “So there’s hope?”

“For sure, yep,” Timothy replies. 

“I always said it wasn’t the ending of something, but the beginning of something.”

Our hearts can’t take it! Could there be something more on the horizon for Lucinda and Timothy?

“Watch this space,” John Aiken teases. 

And just like that, three months of friendship, heartbreak and love come to an end. What a ride it’s been! 

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Or you can get a quick MAFS fix by watching Dom and Ella’s recap of the explosive Reunion Dinner Party below: 

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Recap | Married at First Sight on Channel 9
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