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Recap | Married at First Sight on Channel 9 and 9Now (4 Feb)

Married at First Sight on Channel 9 – Start your engines!

After seven successful weddings – and one pause on Michael’s marriage after his groom did a runner – the experts are ready to marry off their final two couples.

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We’re hoping to end these weddings on a high, and there looks to be a very real possibility of that as the experiment’s most mature pairing make hearts flutter in an emotional ceremony.

Then we have the arrival of the experiment’s most chaotic bride Lauren, who is busy raising eyebrows with some questionable wedding day behaviour.

Hold your breath… this is going to be a big one!

Andrea and Richard’s Wedding Day

Riding in piping hot on his motorbike, Richard, 62, is just one of the participants getting hitched today.

With all of his zest and zeal, Richard feels he’s constantly having to defend the fact that he is indeed 62. 

He’s sick of dating app algorithms casting the 60+ category to the side, and so Richard (with the help of his daughter) decided to apply for MAFS.

The motivational speaker was with his ex-wife for 28 years, and says the separation was by far “the hardest thing [he’s] done in life”. 

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He’s heading into this new chapter hoping for a partner that is “positive, optimistic” and that has the same “young spirit” as him.

The experts think carefree Andrea, 51, will tick those boxes.

She’s owned two motorbikes in the past, so we know she and biker babe Richard will have at least one thing to talk about on their wedding day. 

Richard’s biggest worry is that his bride might be disappointed in her match, but Andrea is anything but that as she lays her eyes on her new hubby. 

“I love Richard’s silver hair and his tanned skin – he has the cutest glasses and he’s a total silver fox,” Andrea raves. 

As the couple exchange vows, the energy is absolutely palpable. They discover their mutual love for coffee, cricket and a matching need for reading glasses. Love is love.  

At 62, Richard feels like a giddy teenager and is so chuffed that the experts have delivered the “non-judgmental, free-spirited” partner he asked for. 

“I’m blown away by her she’s just radiant. She’s hot, she’s sexy,” he gushes. 

What’s more important is that Richard’s daughter Roxy and Andrea’s kids Cooper and Evie have already given their seal of approval, noting how “genuinely happy” their parents look. 

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As Richard and Andrea step into their first dance, they cut the slow pace and break out into full on “daggy dancing”. We couldn’t love them any more.  

Andrea and Richard’s Honeymoon

The next morning, the duo wake up with a spring in their step after having, well… we will let them explain.

“Did anything happen last night?” a producer asks Andrea, who is oozing sophistication in her hotel dressing gown.

“For pity’s sake, why have you gotta ask that?” she replies with a smile. “No, nothing happened last night. We went to sleep.”

But when asked if anything happened in the morning, a cheeky laugh all but confirms their saucy escapades.

Richard, meanwhile, doesn’t give two hoots what he says on the matter. “This morning was… how would you describe it? Spontaneous combustion?” he grins.

“It wasn’t discussed, planned… it just happened. My feelings are definitely growing stronger and stronger.”

Iconic scenes from Andrea and Richard. Let’s see how the next couple fare…

Lauren and Jonathan’s Wedding Day

From spontaneous combustion to a chaotic explosion, here comes the most wild bride of the experiment.

”Crazy, but in a good way” is how our Lauren admits her exes would describe her. 

“I just don’t like bulls–t. If I see something I don’t like I say it, and it always ends up in an argument,” Lauren says. We have been warned.

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But it seems the PR consultant also has the skills of a matador, because she absolutely “loves a red flag”.

The 32-year-old is trying break old patterns and is looking for a “level-headed” man that can handle her wild side. 

And here’s hoping that Jonathan is fit for the job.  

On the cusp of 40, Jonathan – affectionately known as Jono – is more than ready for a wife. The health and fitness business owner looks to be as regimented as a drill sergeant but wants someone with a “good sense of humour” and an “adventurous spirit”. 

The experts admit that it will be a balancing act for these two and the contrast between Lauren and Jono becomes crystal clear on the morning of their wedding.

He starts the day at 4am, does some meditation and heads for a 10km run. 

Meanwhile our bride-to-be Lauren has missed her wake-up call and is popping the Champagne by breakfast time. We’ll cheers to that.

The bad omens keep coming when Lauren (who is already 45 minutes late) forgets her bouquet and her ride starts blowing smoke out the engine. It seems wherever Lauren goes, chaos follows. 

When Lauren finally flounders down the aisle (an hour late, and with a bouquet she grabbed from a bush), Jono is relieved that his bride “is actually good-looking”.

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Lauren MAFS 2024
Like butter wouldn’t melt. (Nine)

But relieved is not the word we’d use to describe his step-sister, Stephanie.

She spots the the thigh-high split in Lauren’s “unusual” dress and believes it might symbolise that’s she’s quite the wild child. Oh Steph, you’re bang on the money.

“That’s some crazy s–t,” one of Jono’s guests says of Lauren’s frock. All we can say is, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Regardless of what his family might think, the groom feels an instant attraction to Lauren is and thinks the experts got it “dead right”. 

As the evening carries on, Lauren and Jono are keen to get the party started at their reception.

They chat about how Lauren has a passtion for food, and that her veal schnitzel is “better than a…” Frankly, it’s a very saucy response which we’ll leave to your imagination.

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Lauren then chats to the best man, who first met Jono when they both dated two women who were sisters. “Did you have a foursome?” Lauren asks, out of nowhere.

As her hubby awkwardly laughs, she turns to a guest and says, “We’re talking about foursomes with people’s sisters, so f–k you guys!” Yowza.

Despite the wild conversation, soon enough Lauren and Jono are snogging like two teenagers on a dance floor.

“It’s obvious that there’s a physical attraction, because they couldn’t keep their hands off each other,” Steph tells cameras, a suspicious look in her eye. 

She puts their several make-out sessions down to Lauren’s flirty nature and a couple of drinks rather than a genuine connection. 

Steph thinks it’s behaviour appropriate for a night club rather than a wedding and it’s clear as day that Lauren is too much for Stephanie.

Any chances of Lauren earning Stephanie’s approval fly out the window when she ogles over her new sister-in-law’s cleavage.

MAFS 2024
Stephanie is not amused. (Nine)

“You’ve got this,” she says of Steph’s cross necklace. “Next to those gorgeous set of t–s. Jesus and cleavage!”

The crude comment leaves Steph utterly horrified. 

Sometimes things are better left unsaid Lauren, even a compliment. 

MAFS 2024
The second-hand concern for Lauren was very real. (Nine)

More than a few glasses of wine deep, Jono tries to keep Lauren upright for their first dance as she stumbles around like a newborn baby giraffe.

It’s fair to say, this is not the same cute “daggy dancing” that Andrea and Richard had us swooning over. 

Lauren and Jonathan’s Honeymoon 

Lauren wakes up with a hangover and she admits “the hype of the wedding day is well and truly over”. 

The fizzle is real for Lauren. 

“He’s lovely, but I just feel like he’s probably too nice for me,” she tells cameras. “He needs to be a bit more vulgar, make it more interesting.”

Well, nothing says vulgar better than the game Lauren’s about to play.

Lauren decides to the best way to recapture some of that wedding day spark is by gearing up a game of ‘f–k, marry, kill’. 

For anyone who’s unfamiliar with the game (as Jono clearly is), it involves choosing between a given list of three people who you would sleep with, marry or kill. 

Lauren gets the ball rolling by making her beloved husband choose between her three bridesmaids, and Australia collectively facepalms at the choice of activity.

When Jono struggles to choose, Lauren gets the ick because her groom is “too nice”.

“I feel like I’m going to rip you apart, and it’s not going to be good,” she says, worried.

He’s stunned. We’re all stunned. What happened to a classic game of Scrabble to break the ice? 

Geez, these weddings have left us a little lost for words! But we’re sure we’ll have something to say when it comes to Monday night’s Dinner Party… and yes, it’s set to be just as explosive as you can imagine. See you then!

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Recap | Married at First Sight on Channel 9
Married at First Sight (image – Nine)

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