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Love is in the Air on Netflix – Dana Randall is an ultra-committed pilot for non-profit air service, Fullerton Airways, located in picturesque Far North Queensland.

Along with her father Jeff and mechanic BFF Nikki, the small team works together to provide the essential air services the local island communities relies on.

When London based ITCM Financial representative William is sent to Fullerton Airways to review the organisation’s financials, Dana welcomes him, aware that they rely heavily on his company’s subsidies.

What Dana doesn’t know is that William’s audit is to confirm the business’s financial struggles and to prepare for its closure.

As William spends time with Dana and the Island community, his loyalty is torn.

He is falling for Dana and the feeling seems mutual…that is, until she accidentally discovers his true purpose.

DIRECTOR: Adrian Power

WRITERS: Katharine E. McPhee, Adrian Powers, Caera Bradshaw

PRODUCERS: Steve Jaggi, Kylie Pascoe, Kelly Son Hing

EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Lee Matthews, Michael Gray, Jip Panosot, Janine Pearce, Delta 

KEY CAST: Delta Goodrem, Joshua Sasse, Steph Tisdell, Roy Billing

Love is in the Air – 28 September, 2023 on Netflix

Media Release – Netflix

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