Happy New Year from TV Central

Happy News Year from TV Central as the site returns from hiatus

Hello Readers

I have returned from a one week holiday and the site is back to normal in terms of daily posting. There will be no further breaks over January, so you can expect daily coverage and full ratings analysis each and every day including weekends.

I did update the site on Thursday and Friday with all the missing ratings reports and any releases that came through, whilst I was away.

January streaming options have now been published for 14 streaming platforms, with two more to come when they are made available.

TV Central had a soft launch in October this year, but even during this period, the site has published almost 1000 posts. In fact, this is the 998th post. That does not include the 369 separate television guide posts that have been published.

In the transition to the full launch in late January, there have been some improvements:

  1. The font has changed for clearer reading
  2. The front page has more stories and a ‘load more’ feature for easier reading
  3. Podcasts now automatically go to Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Podchaser, Amazon Music, YouTube, JioSaavn, Deezer, Stitcher, iheart Radio, and Samsung podcast platforms
  4. The bottom of the front page has been refreshed and is now a lot more clearer and has links to all the podcast platforms mentioned above and a clearer way to contact me
  5. 7Bravo placeholder has been added in the guides section, ready for the first guide to be published on 8 January, in anticipation for the 7Bravo launch on 15 January
  6. The full guide section on the site remains, however, the current week and the following week guide are now also appearing on the front of the site for 7, 10 and ABC.

The next points of focus will be:

  1. Better functionality for when posts are sent to social media after publication
  2. Adding advertisements to the site
  3. Fixing image issues

In 2023, I will be looking at a newsletter option, as well as creating a television forum for discussion.

Thank you for your support of TV Central as we make the transition to a full launch soon.

Happy New Year!



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