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Hannah’s Story from 9News Queensland wins third national award

Hannah’s Story from 9News Queensland – The team behind 9News Queensland and 9Podcast’s critically acclaimed podcast Hannah’s Story celebrated another significant achievement at last night’s Walkley Foundation 2024 Mid-Year Celebration of Journalism.

They received the prestigious Our Watch Award for Excellence in Reporting on Violence Against Women. It adds to their other accolades for this groundbreaking production, which include the Kennedy Award for Outstanding Podcast, the Spotlight category at the Australian Podcast Awards, and the Best Narrative Documentary podcast at the renowned New York Festival Radio Awards.

Hannah’s Story, presented by 9News Queensland presenter Melissa Downes, produced by 9News Queensland producer Jessica Lodge, and edited by Adam Buncher of 9Podcasts, has become a beacon of impactful storytelling since its release in 2023.

Through six episodes, the podcast explored the tragic events involving Hannah Clarke and her children, shedding light on one of Australia’s most heartbreaking cases of domestic violence. Its compelling narrative has dominated the Australian podcast charts and resonated globally, earning numerous national and international accolades.

As the pioneering podcast from 9News, Hannah’s Story exemplifies the network’s commitment to investigative journalism beyond traditional formats. Its impact extends beyond recognition, playing a pivotal role in educational initiatives on coercive control.

Integrated into programs by Queensland and Victoria Police, as well as Small Steps 4 Hannah, an advocacy effort led by Hannah Clarke’s parents, Sue and Lloyd, the podcast stands as a cornerstone in raising awareness and fostering conversations about identifying and understanding coercive control.

In a joint statement, Melissa Downes, Jessica Lodge and Adam Buncher said:

“What a night! We are immensely grateful for the recognition received, which underscores the transformative power of storytelling in journalism.

Hannah’s Story has taken on a life of its own, and we will forever be honoured to have been entrusted with sharing the Clarke family’s story, transforming tragedy into a narrative that offers support and education to others. It’s incredibly gratifying to see this podcast continue to make a meaningful impact and evolve into a lasting educational resource worldwide.”

Kylie Blucher, Managing Director of Nine Queensland, said:

Hannah’s Story is the podcast that keeps on giving. This latest award further underscores the transformative power of storytelling and reaffirms 9News Queensland’s role in connecting deeply with our community and beyond. It celebrates our team’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of our leading news bulletin and showcases our ability to attract and engage new audiences nationally and internationally. Melissa, Jess and Adam have every reason to be proud – and so do we.”

Mia Stern, Head of 9Podcasts, said:

Hannah’s Story continues to be deservedly recognised on a national and international stage with multiple awards under its belt. It has set the benchmark for 9News podcasts and paved the way for numerous new opportunities in our newsrooms nationwide, with multiple podcasts currently in development. On behalf of everyone at 9Podcasts, we are incredibly proud of our team and excited about what lies ahead.”

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Hannah's Story from 9News Queensland

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