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Alone on Stan airs a brand new season

Alone on StanStan today announced that the brand new season of survival hit series Alone will premiere July 12, only on Stan.

Filmed in the most remote location yet, 10 contestants are plunged into the unforgiving Arctic Circle – the most northern location in the series history. Dropped along the Mackenzie River Delta, armed only with limited items of survival gear, the participants compete to be the last person standing and take home the cash prize of $500,000 USD.

With icy conditions hitting in full force, contestants must withstand the dangers of the Arctic Circle – dodging grizzly bears and wolves, hunting for their meals and battling to survive the longest, in a fierce test of will as they struggle to survive in complete isolation.

As they move through the Mackenzie River, footage is self-captured by contestants on personal action cameras, allowing a first-person view of the obstacles faced, providing direct insight into the relentless struggles of the wilderness and the thought process behind each of their actions.
Alone on Stan

After first premiering in 2015, Alone has gained a cult-like following across the globe, before multiple spin-offs and international versions of the series were produced. Previous seasons of Alone have been filmed in other remote locations, including Argentina, British Columbia, Mongolia, Saskatchewan and more.

Alone on Stan – The brand new season of the hit series Alone will premiere July 12, only on Stan.

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