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White Fever on ABC – Jane (Ra Chapman, Wentworth, K-Box, Face To Face) is a cocky Korean-Australian adoptee with a love of hairy white guys – the hairier the better.

But when her work buddy, Charlie (Harvey Zielinski), suggests she has a ‘white meat’ fetish, Jane begins to question her dating preferences and what that might mean.

To add fuel to the fire, Jane’s best friend Edi (Katie Robertson) inadvertently brands Jane as being “whiter than most white people.” And to top it all off, Jane is taken to task by her latest conquest – an exceptionally hairy white bartender – who accuses her of being a “fake Asian.”

Discombobulated but determined to prove that she is not a ‘racist dater,’ Jane throws herself into an ill-fated mission to date only Asian men and to cure herself of “white fever.”

During her quest, Jane attempts to reconnect with her childhood friend Yu Chang (Chris Pang), the only other Asian from her country town; reaches out to a Korean adoptee influencer and her group of adoptee pals; battles with her inner white woman, who manifests in the form of her childhood doll ‘Cindy’ (Susanna Qian), and even invests in an Asian male sex doll.

It seems Jane has opened Pandora’s Box, discovering a whole new world of Asian men, but more significantly, a whole new way of ‘seeing’ and interacting with Asian people and places.

Jane soon learns that her ‘whitewashed libido’ is a symptom of a larger problem she’s been avoiding for years. Much like the letters she received from her birth father as a teenager, Jane has shoved her emotions into a storage box under her bed. But as Jane enters a new world, deeper feelings start to surface, and she can no longer run from them.

Jane is forced to confront her past, and more importantly decide what her future looks like. What starts as a fun dating challenge ends in a life-changing decision she never thought she’d be making.

Production credit: A Black Sheep Films, Orange Entertainment Co., and Unruly Productions Series. Major production investment from Screen Australia and ABC. Financed with support from VicScreen. Producers Katherine Fry and Lisa Wang.

Executive Producers Dan Lake, Kurt Royan, Ra Chapman and Rosie Lourde and ABC Executive Producers Louise Smith and Todd Abbott. International Sales by ABC Commercial.

White Fever on ABC and ABC iview – Wednesday 10 April, 2024 at 9.00pm

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White Fever on ABC

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