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ABC highlights for the month of March include Back In Time For The Corner Shop, In Our Blood, Knowing The Score, Grand Designs: The Streets, Endeavour, Penn & Teller: Fool Us, The Larkins, Under The Vines, Ready, Steady, Wiggle, Rampant: How A City Stopped the Plague, Play School Show Time, Van Der Valk, Close To Me and The Beanies: Music Clips. Back In Time For The Corner Shop – WORLD PREMIERE Tuesday 7 Australia’s favourite time-travelling family The Ferrone’s, return to ABC – going back in time to see how our society has changed this time through the lens of the classic corner shop. In Our Blood – WORLD PREMIERE Sunday 19 Set in the early 80’s, In Our Blood is the four-part musical drama series inspired by how Australia became the unexpected world-leader of AIDS prevention and saved thousands of lives. Knowing The Score – WORLD PREMIERE Tuesday 28 Executive produced by Academy Award-winning actress, Cate Blanchett, Knowing The Score gets up close and personal with celebrated Australian conductor Simone Young. Grand Designs: The Streets Series 2 – FTA PREMIERE Thursday 2 Kevin McCloud returns to Graven Hill in Oxfordshire to witness the trials, setbacks and successes of those who are designing and building their own, highly individual homes. Endeavour Series 9 – AUSTRALIAN PREMIERE Thursday 9 Set in the 60s, the popular Inspector Morse prequel drama Endeavour, returns with the ninth and final series. Penn & Teller: Fool Us Series 9 – AUSTRALIAN PREMIERE Saturday 3 Aspiring magicians perform their best trick in order to try and fool legendary duo Penn & Teller. The prize? A chance to perform with the world-famous team in their celebrated Las Vegas show. The Larkins Series 2 – AUSTRALIAN PREMIERE Saturday 11 Pop, Ma and their many children including Baby Oscar are preparing for another riotous school holidays. Only Mariette is missing, zigzagging across Europe on her honeymoon with Charley. Under The Vines Series 1 – AUSTRALIAN PREMIERE Saturday 11 As mutual sole heirs, Sydney socialite Daisy and UK lawyer Louis quickly realise that inheriting a vineyard may not be the delightful and rewarding experience they had hoped for. Stars Rebecca Gibney. Ready, Steady, Wiggle Series 4 – PREMIERE Monday 13 Get set to Ready, Steady, Wiggle! with Anthony, Emma, Lachy and Simon, The Wiggles! A story based musical series, each episode sees The Wiggles and their wiggly friends on a new adventure every day in Wiggle Town. Rampant: How A City Stopped the Plague Sunday 19 The little known story of how Sydney’s “Poofters, Junkies and Whores” took on HIV. Play School Show Time Series 4 – PREMIERE Monday 20 Play School Show Time invites Australia’s most iconic performers and entertainers to perform special renditions of a song, story, skit or nursery rhyme! Van Der Valk Series 3 – AUSTRALIAN PREMIERE Tuesday 21 Amsterdam’s famous detective is back. Van der Valk – a street-smart and unapologetic Dutch detective who navigates the lively and enigmatic city, solving mysterious crimes using astute human observation and inspired detection. Close To Me Series 1 – PREMIERE Monday 17 After a fall, Jo’s lost all memory of her last year. On return home from hospital she begins to have flashbacks that make her question if the fall really was an accident. Starring Christopher Eccleston and Connie Nielson. The Beanies: Music Clips – PREMIERE Monday 17 The Beanies are every child’s best friend with a mission to bring back imaginative play! Laura, Mim and Michael will get your Mini Beanies singing, dancing and imagining along with their music videos. RETURNING Back Mirror Series 3 Silent Witness Series 23 Women of Steel Louis Theroux: Transgender Kids Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor Doctor Who: The Time of the Doctor Doctor Who Series 8 Louis Theroux’s Forbidden America Louis Theroux: Louis and the Nazis Miss You Already LAST CHANCE George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces Series 9 Fleabag Series 2 Doctor Who Series 7 At Midnight Victoria Series 3 Antiques Roadshow Series 40 Book Smart Humans Series 3 Louis Theroux: The Most Hated Family in America Noughts + Crosses Series 1

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