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The Larkins on ABC – Pop tries to make peace with their troublesome neighbours the Jerebohms by inviting them to a lavish barbecue. Primrose is off to church with Ma to woo Rev Candy and invite him along too.

The barbecue is a proper Larkins knees-up and turns rather bacchanalian with Angela Snow and the Brigadier letting off steam… Pinkie Jerebohm lets slip to Pop that her marriage is a nightmare, her husband a brute. The communal wheelbarrow race, intended as innocent fun, proves divisive, and when Rev Candy ends up in a romantic clinch with Primrose he makes a dash for it.

Meanwhile Ma “borrows” her genius daughter’s essay on country life and manages to get it into print in the Mid Kent Times, which earns Primrose the offer of a job. But the good news is overshadowed – Mr and Mrs Jerebohm are on a covert mission, helped by Pop’s nemesis Alec Norman, to destroy the Larkins. Exploiting Pop’s generosity and bonhomie, they set him a trap. Pop is arrested for burglary and carted away in a police car.

The Larkins – Saturday 18 March, 2023 at 7:30pm on ABC and ABC iview

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