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Bluey on ABC Kids – The Bluey Minisodes are a collection of funny and sweet moments featuring Bluey and her family and friends.

This collection of everyday moments introduces some new characters alongside fan favourites including Dad getting a ‘tattoo’ and a behind the scenes look at Bluey and Bingo’s dreamhouse.

The minisodes premiering on Sunday 16 June from 8am are:
  • Burger Dog – The kids want to dance to some annoying music, but Dad pretends his battery on his phone is flat – until Mum phones him.
  • Bingo 3000 – Dad has bought a brand new “Bingo 3000” robot, but it’s not working properly, so he calls technical support.
  • Letter – Nana reads an old story that Bandit wrote from when he was eight. The kids find this hilarious as Nana is reading out the words exactly as they are spelt.
  • Hungry – Dad is hungry so he pretends to eat Bingo.
  • Animals – Mum is playing the animal game on Bingo’s back. She pretends Bingo’s back is a big field, and various animals walk, jump and dart across it, making Bingo laugh.

Production credit: These true-blue Australian minisodes are created by creator/showrunner Joe Brumm, Emmy® awarding-winning executive producers Charlie Aspinwall and Daley Pearson, producer Sam Moor and supervising director Richard Jeffery.

The minisodes are executive produced by Libbie Doherty, ABC Head of Children and Family, and Henrietta Hurford-Jones, Director of Children’s Content for BBC Studios.

Bluey is a Ludo Studio production for ABC Kids. Principal production investment from BBC Studios, in association with the ABC and Screen Australia.

Post-Production, Digital and Visual Effects work undertaken in Queensland, Australia with funding from The Queensland Government through Screen Queensland and the Australian Government.

Bluey on ABC Kids and ABC iview – Sunday 16 June, 2024 at 8.00am

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Bluey on ABC Kids

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