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Married at First Sight on Channel 9
Married at First Sight (image - Nine)

Recap | Married at First Sight on Channel 9 and 9Now (1 April)

Married at First Sight on Channel 9 – We were right in the middle of something, weren’t we?

That’s right! Tori and Jack were just about to deliver their Final Vows and we’ve been gagging to see if he’s finally ready to commit to his wife.

Let’s pick up where we left off.

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Tori and Jack

Jack is deep in contemplation. He has so much thinking to do he’s had to take his hair out of his signature bun to relieve some of the pressure. 

If Timothy thought Jayden looked like Fabio, we can only imagine what he’d think if he saw the state of Jack’s mane now.

MAFS 2024
Jack, your Pantene sponsorship is calling. (Nine)

While Jack and basically everyone knows that Tori is singing Stevie Wonders ‘Signed, Sealed, Delivered’ on her way to Final Vows, Jack is less certain and admits it will take him to those “final few minutes before [he] sees Tori” to know what his decision is.

Cutting things a bit fine for time we’d say, Jack. 

The moment arrives and as we predicted Tori is all in this relationship. Her commitment to Jack has been unwavering since the start and it’s not about to change. 

While Tori doesn’t throw any spanners in her Final Vows she does take some pretty huge steps forward in her relationship with Jack. 

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Tori admits that while moving from Melbourne to the Gold Coast wouldn’t be her first choice, “it’s a sacrifice [she’s] willing to make”. 

“You’re my equal, my soulmate and I don’t say this lightly but it’s safe to say I am falling in love with you,” Tori declares that Jack is her “forever person”. 

Birds are chirping and hearts are fluttering but as Jack begins reading his own Final Vows, there is a major mood shift.  

MAFS 2024
Tori prepares for the worst as Jack begins his vows. (Nine)

There’s no minding feelings. Jack is brutally honest and admits he worries that his and Tori’s relationship is more like that of “teammates, not lovers”. Ouch.

“I’m concerned that our biggest connecting factor may have been the brutal environment of the experiment, where [loyal personalities bonded over having each other’s back,” he says. 

“Tori, I’m sorry to say I didn’t commit myself to this process for a platonic relationship nor a teammate. We’re not in love. So how can I commit to you and ask you to uproot and move your life to the Gold Coast?” 

Tori holds her breath and prepares for the worst… but she’s spared. 

Jack was just being a tease and reveals he wants to “fight for an amazing love-filled future” with Tori.

He declares he is “absolutely head over heels” and “can’t wait to fall in love”. 

Tori gasps. We all gasp. Trust Jack to deliver his declaration of love with a shedload of drama to go with it. 

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With the pressure of the decision now behind them, Tori has had a minute to reflect on her husband’s vows and she admits she’d rather forget the “brutally honest” parts. 

“My takeaway from Jack’s vows. I don’t want to take away too much, only the part where he said nice things. The rest can stay,” she tells cameras. 

Looking back on how misunderstood they’ve been as a couple throughout the experiment, Tori and Jack had one parting message for all those who didn’t celebrate them: “They can all go f–k themselves”. 

And on that note, we’re going to see ourselves out of Tori and Jack’s happy ending and move onto the final two couples. 

Eden and Jayden 

Jayden just couldn’t wait until Final Vows and told Eden “I love you” at the Final Dinner Party.

Eden felt the same way, and unless something outrageous has happened in the 14 hours we think we know where this love story is headed. 

Eden and Jayden meet in a candle-lit barn where they pour out their hearts. 

“Eden, the feeling I have for you I have never felt in my life,” Jayden begins. 

“I truly love you with all my heart. 

“I can see us spending the rest of our lives together and I can see you being a great mother to all five of our children, whether they be children or golden retrievers.”

Eden clarifies that their future children will in fact be golden retrievers but adds that she hopes she will “get to experience [Jayden’s] love, kindness and affection for a lifetime”. 

“I can’t wait to bring our relationship to our everyday life, so that I can tell you that I love you every single day,” she concludes. 

The couple seal their time together with a kiss and in a final grand romantic gesture to his wife, Jayden gifts Eden a stunning diamond bracelet. Bravo Jayden. 

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It’s celebration time for the couple who get to head back to the Gold Coast together. 

“WE MADE IT! We’re at the end, there was no Mitch 2.0,” Jayden cheekily refers to his brother Mitch’s 2022 Final Vow breakup with Ella Ding. 

MAFS 2024
We’re glad Eden and Jayden are laughing after their Final Vows because Mitch certainly wasn’t. (Nine)

Jayden announces himself winner of the unofficial MAFS competition that was obviously running between him and his brother Mitch. 

His prize? Walking away with Eden hanging off his arm and he couldn’t be happier.

Sara and Tim 

Like all the other brides and grooms, Sara and Tim get to watch their Wedding Day video as a parting gift. 

Sara gets emotional as regrets how long it took for her to see that “what [she] needed was right in front of [her] all along”. 

Tim is glad that despite all the drama in between, that he and Sara are starting and ending their journey on a happy note. 

In other words, their relationship has been a s–t sandwich but Tim is choosing to look at it in a positive light, for now. 

Memories of his and Sara’s turbulent time together are resurfacing.

The yelling and fighting, the refusal to show her phone, the multiple date no-shows, the meeting up with the ex. It’s all flowing back for Tim and it’s seriously messing with his head. 

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Moments before Final Vows, Tim is “second guessing a lot of the relationship”. 

“She’s so up and down,” he tells cameras. 

“The last couple of weeks have been great but for a major part of the experiment it was just a trainwreck.

“She’s broken my trust, disrespected me 100 percent I’m questioning my own judgement.”

Tim is torn between his head and his heart and even in the car ride there he’s asking himself “What to do?” 

MAKE A DECISION TIM. That’s what’s to do. 

Sara is a giggling, giddy mess as she delivers her Final Vows but that doesn’t stop her from touching on some of the couples’ sore spots. 

“I don’t know if you’ll ever understand just how much I regret lying to you about my ex and the set back on our relationship this caused,” she apologises for her wrongdoing again. 

Sara has the utmost appreciation for Tim’s patience and she wants to leave the experiment with him as long as he feels the same way. 

In his vows, Tim relives his struggles to be assertive with Sara.

I felt like I was walking on eggshells, worrying about you being defensive or reactive,” he says. 

Then of course, the “emotional cheating” saga gets an honourable mention. 

“I found you caught up with your ex behind my back and lied to me about it and I was devastated and miserable.

“I felt stupid for even being part of this relationship.” 

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Sara’s eyes glaze over as she realises she may have misjudged Tim’s feelings. 

But she hasn’t. 

Tim sees how much work Sara has put into rebuilding his trust and he wants to make things work on the outside. It’s a YES from Tim. 

He finishes his Final Vows just like he started his Wedding Vows – in Spanish, of course. 

In Spanish Tim says: “All I can say is that I had an incredible journey with you. Sara, my ‘mamacita’, I’m crazy about you.” Swoon!

Hand-in-hand, Sara and Tim stroll off into the sunset and they live happily ever after.

So by our calculations, four out of five couples made it through Final Vows and that is something to celebrate!

But while it’s all sunshine and rainbows for them now, we’ll see if it’s the same come the Reunion Dinner Party… where we’ll see if the couples have really stood the test of time.

Save the date. On Sunday April 7 at dinner will be served at 7pm, and we’re in for one hell of an evening. See you there!

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Recap | Married at First Sight on Channel 9
Married at First Sight (image – Nine)

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