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TV Central has a new partner to revolutionize the media and entertainment space in Australia

TV Central has a new partner to revolutionize the media and entertainment space in Australia – We are thrilled to announce the exciting redesign of, brought to life through a collaboration between Persian Agency and TV Central.

This partnership, led by Frank Nouri, the creative director of Persian Agency, marks a significant milestone for both teams.

Frank, a former journalist from Iran with a wealth of experience in Iranian news media, brings his digital marketing expertise to this project. Under Frank’s leadership, the Persian Agency team will continue to enhance and its social media presence.

The new design of is all about providing a better experience for our users and improving the branding for our media partners.

This redesign reflects our dedication to offering the best possible service to our audience and partners alike, making a more engaging and user-friendly platform.

Some new features / sections for TV Central include:
  • Ticker at the top of the page with the latest news
  • Redesigned TV guide page
  • Cinema releases / previews / reviews now part of TV Central
  • new custom designed menu

TV Central is about a one stop station for all television, cinema and streaming news. We aim to provide all the latest television news, streaming options and monthly reports, cinema release previews and reviews, television guides, sport offerings and in depth podcasts with media players and celebrities.

With the full transition almost complete, you will see minor changes over the next month, including a change to our hosting servers to create a faster performance for our users.

Reader feedback has shown a positive vibe for the cinema reviews from myself and Zak – not quite Margaret and David but lots of fun!

The ratings section is also popular providing consistent, unbiased and comprehensive daily reports, not 5, but 7 days per week, with Friday and Saturdays often a game changer to the weekly tally.

If you have any feedback about the design, experience any issues with the site or would like to contact me with any thoughts – write to

So excited for this new design as TV Central becomes a major hub for media / entertainment / cinema / television / streaming and podcasts in Australia, plus a partner for networks and streaming platforms.

Welcome to Frank and I look forward to a long and successful partnership with Frank and Persian Agency.

Aaron Ryan

Merry Christmas from TV Central
Pictured left to right – Aaron Ryan, Ant Middleton and Zak Jones

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