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This Town on SBS – From acclaimed British screenwriter Steven Knight, the creator of Peaky Blinders and Rogue Heroes, comes an electrifying new series that tells a story of family ties, teenage kicks, and redemption.

Opening in 1981, at a moment of huge social unrest, one conflicted family must navigate dangerous odds to stay together.

There’s the young dreamer, Dante, whose eyes are opened to the city’s music scene and its darker underworld; Dante’s cousin, Bardon, who is ensnared into working for the IRA by his father, and Dante’s brother Gregory, who struggles to reconcile army life with a criminal past.

Along with the spectre of addiction hovering over the family– Dante, Bardon and Gregory must face off against terrifying challenges to follow their musical dreams.

This Town on SBS and SBS on Demand – New Series Premiere / Wednesday 22 May at 9.25pm

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This Town on SBS

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