Catching Kelce on 7plus
Catching Kelce (image - Seven)

Catching Kelce on 7plus from 11 November

Catching Kelce on 7plus – Tay Tay’s Bae. Meet Taylor Swift’s new man in Catching Kelce on 7Bravo and 7plus

He’s the NFL player that Taylor Swift put on the map (wink), but before romancing T-Swizzle, the Kansas City Chiefs tight end starred in his own dating series, Catching Kelce, premiering 9.30pm Saturday, 11 November on 7Bravo and 7plus.

As an American football player, Travis Kelce is known for catching passes, but in 2016 the pro football star was an eligible bachelor and looked to find a catch of a different kind.

In the dating competition series, 50 women from 50 states vie to win the heart of the pro football player. With help from his famous friends and family, Kelce attempts to find the woman who will become his perfect teammate.

Catching Kelce is produced by Grandma’s House Entertainment. Ben Newmark, Dan Newmark, Scott Langerman and Lauren Steven served as executive producers.

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Catching Kelce on 7Bravo and 7plus premieres 9.30pm Saturday 11 November

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