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Liz Parnov - Australian Survivor (image - Nigel Wright)

Liz Parnov (Australian Survivor Winner)

Australian Survivor Podcast | Liz Parnov has won Survivor using patience, perserverance, resillience and a strong heart and mind.

The entire season has been about one person – King George. He backstabbed, he manipulated, he strategized and wormed his way to the Top 4.

But I am not interviewing him right now. Why? Liz was working behind the scenes and ultimately she was one step ahead of George at the final hurdle.

On this podcast Liz Parnov chats about:

  • if she was confident to win after making the final tribal council
  • the representation of women
  • what she thinks strength is
  • friendship v gameplay on Australian Survivor
  • could she ever do to Shonee what George did to Shonee
  • her serious/focused facial expressions
  • what’s next for her
  • potential motivational speaking opportunities
  • the Liz/Shonee friendship
  • weight/diet on the show
  • the best part of Australian Survivor

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Australian Survivor Podcast | Liz Parnov

Thanks to Lorraine Monforte-guy at 10 for organising this podcast

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