Law and Order SVU
Law and Order SVU (image - NBC)

Amendment | Law and Order: SVU moves to Wednesdays with Fire Country bumped to 9:40pm

With the impending return of Gogglebox Australia and 10 running encores of shows or comedy at 9:30 Thursdays, SVU continues to be moved around – this week screening at 10:30pm for a new episode.

However, 10 have done right by their fans and the show will move to a new slot – Wednesdays 8:40pm which will lead to minimal interruption (hopefully!).

Fire Country will be bumped to 9:40pm as ratings have been mediocre at best – although it was doing reasonable business in 25-54.

Wednesday 22 February

7:30 The Dog House Australia

8:40 Law & Order: SVU

9:40 Fire County

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