The Streets Hong Kong on SBS Food
The Streets Hong Kong on SBS Food (image - SBS)

The Streets Hong Kong on SBS Food for 3 June

The Streets Hong Kong on SBS Food – Escape the kitchen and travel to one of the most vibrant and exciting street food destinations on the planet, Hong Kong.

Join acclaimed executive chef, author, and presenter Dan Hong as he returns to SBS Food with The Streets Hong Kong, premiering on SBS Food and SBS On Demand on Monday 3 June at 7.30pm.

In this new series, Dan explores Hong Kong, learning about its history and culture and how this has shaped the local food scene. Determined to discover the most authentic flavours, Dan will scour the streets and markets to meet the vendors and find out how these traditional dishes are made and served to hordes of hungry customers every day.

It’s known that Hong Kong is a food-obsessed paradise with many dishes to explore. Known for its melting pot of Chinese, European, Japanese and Korean cultures, the city has seen street food flourish.

From Dim Sum to Fish Balls to Egg Tarts, follow Dan as he unearths the origins and evolution of many iconic street food dishes tracing them back to their roots and cooking them.

Dan learns the secrets to some of Hong Kong’s finest delicacies and heads into the kitchens of some of the city’s finest restaurants to find out how the chefs are elevating these treasured dishes.

Taking everything he’s learned back to his kitchen, Dan puts his own unique and playful spin on these classic dishes, showcasing an array of fresh and original recipes to inspire.

Packed with great cooking tips along the way, Dan’s fast-moving series has the home cook firmly in mind as he hits the streets and beyond!

Host, Dan Hong said:

“Running a few Chinese restaurants in Australia, Hong Kong has long been a big inspiration, and whenever I got the chance to go, I mostly went to restaurants on the central side specialising in fine Cantonese cooking.

For this series I decided to take a different turn, discovering the old school institutions that have a rich and long history specialising in singular dishes which most are unfortunately a dying art with nobody in the next generation to continue the tradition.

Not only did I learn about how they started and continued their businesses to this very day, I also saw the lifelong dedication and heart they put into their craft.

From pigs roasting in an underground woodfired oven, to wonton noodles and one of the very last handmade fish ball factories, this culinary trip was really lifechanging for me and I can’t wait to show you.”

SBS Head of Food and Entertainment, Emily Griggs said:

“SBS Food is excited to welcome back Dan Hong, whose magical flair for flavour brings culinary traditions to life in The Streets Hong Kong. Unlocking the secrets behind beloved street foods, Dan guides audiences to discover that they too can recreate these amazing dishes at home.

Get ready to hit the streets with Dan Hong and explore the vibrant tastes of Hong Kong.”

Join Dan on an unforgettable adventure travelling through the streets of Hong Kong, with this fast-moving series exploring the incredible flavours and stories street food has to offer.

The Streets Hong Kong will premiere on Monday, 3 June at 7.30pm on SBS Food and SBS On Demand.

The Streets Hong Kong will be available to stream on SBS On Demand with subtitling available in Simplified Chinese, Arabic, Korean, Vietnamese and Traditional Chinese. The Streets Hong Kong is produced by HSquared for SBS Food.

The Streets Hong Kong on SBS Food

The Streets Hong Kong on SBS Food and SBS on Demand – Monday 3 June, 2024

The Streets Hong Kong on SBS Food

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The Streets Hong Kong on SBS Food

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