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Recap | Farmer Wants a Wife on Channel 7 and 7plus (30 April)

Farmer Wants a Wife on Channel 7 – All’s fair in love. Passion and drama heat up the farm.

Farm life got a lot spicier tonight on Farmer Wants A Wife, as the ladies tailored the perfect intimate dates for their farmers, before a late night message put the farmers on high alert. 

Hoping to recreate the magic from their 24-hour date, Krissy planned to get up close and personal with Farmer Tom; while Sophie appealed to Farmer Dustin’s love of the simple things in life with a date by the dam. 

After waiting patiently for weeks, Keely made Farmer Joe peel back some layers with a touch of body paint during their intimate date. “I was definitely very happy to see Joe in his birthday suit. I think all the other girls are probably going to hate me for this,” Keely said as Joe bared it all.

While Brooke enjoyed her date with Farmer Bert, Karli cooked up her own plans: “I’m just going to steal Bert away, just give him a little taste tester of what my date could have been, even though he didn’t choose mine. I’m a girl that doesn’t give up.”

Seeing Karli sneak Bert out right after their date, Brooke was devastated.

After a day of romantic blind dates, the farmers were in for one more surprise when host Sam Armytage texted: “I have some important people I’d like you to meet. You must pack your bags and leave the farm immediately.”

Not knowing what was in store, the farmers heaved a sigh of relief when co-host Natalie Gruzlewski introduced them to a brand new farmer: Todd.

Sunday night on Farmer Wants A Wife: Farmer Todd begins his journey to real love as he speed dates eight women before inviting his top five back to the farm.

Co-host Nat Gruzlewski invites farmers and the ladies for a weekend of camping under the stars, setting the stage for romance to blossom.

With 24-hour dates up for grabs, there’s no chance of a quiet night. As the sun goes down, the temperatures rise and tempers flare.

Farmer Wants A Wife on Channel 7 and 7plus – Continues Sunday at 7.00pm

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About the Show

Five new farmers are preparing to follow their hearts on Farmer Wants A Wife, premiering 7.00pm Sunday, 14 April on Channel 7 and 7plus.

The attached media kit has all the details ahead of the season premiere, including Q&As with the farmers and ladies, as well as host Samantha Armytage and co-host Natalie Gruzlewski.

Thousands of eligible singles have applied to meet the farmers. Come along on the journey as they meet their favourites and each invite their special five back to the farm to learn who will spark a love that can last forever.

Through first glances, first kisses, romantic dates and life-changing moments, the farmers will find their true love. 

Hosted by Samantha Armytage and co-host Natalie Gruzlewski, Farmer Wants A Wife is set to captivate the audiences with its unique blend of romance, authenticity and country charm.

This year’s farmers include:

Farmer Bert, 30 – Wamuran, QLD

Farmer Joe, 33 – Bombala, NSW

Farmer Dustin, 26 – Condobolin, NSW

Farmer Dean, 25 – Kandanga, QLD

Farmer Tom, 22 – Tabilk, VIC

Farmer Wants A Wife is produced by Eureka Productions for the Seven Network.

Farmer Wants a Wife on Channel 7

Farmer Wants a Wife on Channel 7

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