Recap | Farmer Wants a Wife on Channel 7
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Recap | Farmer Wants a Wife on Channel 7 (18 April)

Recap | Farmer Wants a Wife on Channel 7 – Love is blind. Two ladies turn their backs on the farm

Blind dates were on the menu for tonight’s Farmer Wants A Wife on Channel 7 and 7plus, but not everyone was happy with what was served.

After waiting patiently for weeks, it was hospitality team leader Annabelle’s “time to shine” when Farmer Matt picked her idea of a swim followed by cocktails; while Farmer David chose to expose his creative side, opting for a version of paint and sip with special education aide Emily.

It wasn’t smooth sailing for all the farmers, as HR administrator Frankie was left annoyed when Farmer Brenton chose social media manager Sophie’s scavenger hunt pitch.

“I really needed that time with Brenton. Sophie’s gotten so much time with him,” a furious Frankie said. “I literally have no idea where I stand.”

When Farmer Brad decided to go with preschool teacher Claire’s idea, public servant Corista also questioned her place on the farm: “Brad definitely knew whose date he’s picking. At the end of the day he didn’t want any more quality time with me. Like that makes me feel horrible.” 

Heartbroken, Corista left the farm while the Claire and Brad were on their date.  

Farmer Andrew’s date with restaurant owner Maddison turned awkward when she expressed the desire to have her partner involved in her restaurant business. Perplexed, Andrew said: “Don’t think she sort of understands the lifestyle and what it takes for me to run this place and work off the farm.”

Later, after reflecting on their date, the pair mutually decided to put an end to Maddison’s farm journey.

Sunday night on Farmer Wants A Wife: The farmers, and their ladies, are in for a big surprise as co-host Natalie Gruzlewski introduces 10 new ladies.

Farmer Wants A Wife Continues 7pm Sunday and 7.30pm Tuesday on Channel 7 and 7plus

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Recap | Farmer Wants a Wife on Channel 7

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