Q+A joins BTN High on ABC iview
Leo Puglisi

Q+A joins BTN High on ABC iview with Leo Puglisi from 6 News

Q+A joins BTN High on ABC iview – Coming up… Q+A joins BTN High for a collaboration to hear the voices of the next generation in a digital special.

This special episode will be streamed on ABC iview and social media on Wednesday July 19 at 6:30pm. Hosted by BTN’s Amelia Moseley, a panel and audience of Gen Z – along with Minister for Youth Anne Aly – tackle some of the big issues they’ll be facing in the years to come.

What will the jobs of the future look like? What does the climate crisis mean for this generation … is enough being done or do we need more radical solutions? Will the cost of university deter young people from further study? What does the rise of AI mean for their lives and livelihood? 

This is the generation who don’t know a time before the internet and are all too aware of the pitfalls and perils of social media. How are they recovering from a wildly interrupted education, after the pandemic forced them out of the classroom and into home learning? Do they feel short-changed by the unexpected turn their lives have taken?  

This special digital episode will be broadcast on ABC iview and social media at 6:30pm on Wednesday 19 July

Joining Amelia Moseley live in Melbourne:

Anne Aly, Minister for Youth & Early Childhood Education

Aud Mason-Hyde, Actor, poet & activist

Amarley Bron, Biripi Worimi woman & Year 12 student

Leo Puglisi, Founder and chief anchor, 6 News Australia & Year 10 student

Laura Strawbridge, NSW Youth Parliament & Year 12 student

Will Shackel, Founder, Nuclear for Australia & Year 11 student

Please submit a question via our website by 12pm Tuesday for the chance to ask the panel.

Q+A will officially be back on-air as usual on Monday, July 24.

Looking forward to hearing your questions.

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Q+A joins BTN High on ABC iview

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