Podcast | Phil Burton (Dancing with the Stars)
Phil Burton - Dancing with the Stars (image - Seven)

Phil Burton (Dancing with the Stars)

Podcast | Phil Burton (Dancing with the Stars) – Dancing with the Stars has concluded its 18th season with Channel 7 and what a ratings bonanza it was.

Australia once again fell in love with a whole new batch of celebrities that were vying for that coveted mirror ball and their opportunity to assist their chosen charity.

The winner of the 2023 season was Phil Burton.

From the Viennese Waltz to the Paso Doble and from a brilliant Foxtrot to a fast paced freestyle, Phil showed great progression starting with a score of 29 and then reaching a final 39.

Part of the megahit Australian group, Human Nature, Phil Burton stopped by TV Central for a chat.

On this podcast, winner of Dancing with the Stars, Phil Burton, chats about:

  • thoughts on winning against such an elite line-up of stars
  • how the impressive lift in the freestyle dance worked
  • whether musicians have an edge with dancing
  • on Craig not giving a 10 to anyone in the finale
  • the one-two punch from judges Craig and Todd
  • a dance he would have liked to do
  • competitiveness versus support for the other celebrities
  • progression in performance
  • changing band name from 4Trax to Human Nature
  • requests for songs that he has sang a million times
  • headlines that suggest he has quit Human Nature
  • aspirations / goals moving forward

Dancing with the Stars – available to watch on 7plus

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Thanks to Jono Lister at Seven for organising this podcast

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Dancing with the Stars

Podcast | Phil Burton (Dancing with the Stars)

Human Nature

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