Million Dollar Island on Channel 7
Million Dollar Island (image - Seven)

Million Dollar Island on Channel 7 will see one camp wiped out

Million Dollar Island on Channel 7 – One hundred players started, and 79 now remain. But for how long?

On Monday night’s explosive episode of Million Dollar Island, forty-four-year-old Queensland environmentalist Brett Krause must choose two entire camps to go to war in an epic head-to-head arena battle that will see one camp wiped from the island. 

The winning camp will share the bracelets in the biggest prize pot of the game before the losers must turn on each other in an emotional survival challenge. Only one player from the losing camp will remain on the island; the challenge will change everything. 

It’s camp against camp as they fight to the death, and Brett faces off against 27-year-old Tess McKenna. The Western Australian mother of six calls for calm as camp members turn on each other. 

Is this the day Brett will be knocked off the perch? 

Million Dollar Island is hosted by Ant Middleton and produced by award-winning Eureka Productions. 

Million Dollar Island – Monday – Tuesday, 7.30pm on Seven and 7plus 

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