May on Foxtel
Fear the Walking Dead (image - Foxtel)

May on Foxtel

May on Foxtel – Foxtel highlights for the month of May include White House Plumbers, A Town Called Malice, Love to Love You, Donna Summer, Being Mary Tyler Moore, Fear the Walking Dead, Slip, Fatboy Slim: Right Here Right Now, The Season, Bupkis and FBOY Island.

The headliners

May on Foxtel

White House Plumbers

This series chronicles the spectacular failings of E Howard Hunt and G Gordon Liddy to investigate the Pentagon Papers leak, leading to the accidental toppling of Nixon’s presidency – which they were so ardently trying to protect.

Duration: 60 mins x 5 | Premiering Tuesday May 2 Express at 12pm, encore at 8.30pm | Fox Showcase

May on Foxtel

A Town Called Malice

Once-feared South London gangster family the Lords – headed up by Albert and Mint Ma – is forced to flee to the Costa del Sol in Spain in this boisterous new thriller that takes us back to the ’80s in all its neon-hued glory, complete with an epic soundtrack to match.
Duration: 60 mins x 8 | Premiering Wednesday

May 3 at 8.30pm | Fox Showcase

The ones you can’t miss

May on Foxtel

Love to Love You, Donna Summer

Featuring never-before-seen home videos and photographs, along with interviews with Summer and those closest to her, this is an intimate portrait of the woman whose music defined the disco era of the 1970s. From finding early success in Europe to breaking records and the mould for female musicians, this is a fascinating look at the global superstar.

Duration: 120 mins x 1 | Coming in May | Fox Docos

May on Foxtel

Being Mary Tyler Moore

She was a trailblazer of the television and film industry with a career spanning six decades and numerous awards. Funny, beautiful, smart, sassy, she went from a supporting role on The Dick Van Dyke Show to leading lady with The Mary Tyler Moore Show. But behind the scenes she was dealing with immense tragedy, as this gripping documentary details.

Duration: 90 mins x 1 | Premiering Wednesday May 31 at 8.30pm | Fox Docos

May on Foxtel

Fear the Walking Dead (s8A)

Madison’s sudden reappearance at the end of last season was a shock, largely because the fierce warrior seemingly died in a blaze of glory saving her children in season four. Given she’s been stealing kids for shady operation P.A.D.R.E., it’s possible we’ll see an even darker side of Madison when FTWD returns.

Duration: 60 mins x 8 | Premiering Monday May 15 Express at 6.30pm, encore at 10pm | Fox Showcase

May on Foxtel


A one-night stand with hunky Eric leads 30-something Mae – who’s been feeling restless in her marriage to Elijah – on a fantastical life-altering journey in which she finds herself in a completely new relationship in a different alternate universe every time she orgasms in this quirky comedy, created by and starring Zoe Lister-Jones.

Duration: 30 mins x 7 | Premiering Thursday May 4 from 8.30pm | Fox Arena

Must-watch entertainment

May on Foxtel

Fatboy Slim: Right Here Right Now

In 2002, Fatboy Slim threw the biggest outdoor party the UK has ever seen. As many as 40,000 revellers were expected to descend upon Brighton for Big Beach Boutique II, but it was pure pandemonium when a whopping 250,000 turned up. Two decades later, the revered DJ – real name Norman Cook – looks back on the epic event, which signalled a huge turning point in dance music.

Duration: 90 mins x 1 | Premiering Saturday May 6 at 9.30pm | Fox Docos

May on Foxtel

The Season

This eye-opening eight-part docuseries follows six Australians dedicated to living off the land, sustainably hunting, venerating animals and utilising all they have to offer. Forgoing vehicular chases or electronic devices, they always maintain their respect to give the animals – all of which are considered agricultural or environmental pests – a just advantage.

Duration: 30 mins x 8 | Premiering Wednesday May 10 at 9pm | Real Life

May on Foxtel


Former Saturday Night Live favourite Pete Davidson puts his own life under the spotlight once more in this semi-autobiographical comedy series in which he stars as a heightened version of himself, alongside Oscar-winner Joe Pesci as his fictional grandfather and Emmy-winner Edie Falco as his mum.

Duration: 30 mins x 8 | Premiering Sunday May 7 at 7.30pm | Fox8

May on Foxtel

FBOY Island

Hosted by Abbie Chatfield, this Foxtel Group-commissioned reality series sees three independent women take up residence on a tropical paradise, where they’ll date 24 men – 12 of whom are there for the right reasons, the other 12 of whom are just in it for the money! Will they find true love amongst the FBoys?

Duration: 60 mins x 10 | Premiering Monday May 29 from 8.30pm | Fox Arena

May on Foxtel
May on Foxtel

Coming to Foxtel in May 2023 

May 1 

Fox Arena – Beat Shazam USA (Season 4) 7.30pm

Teams of two race to identify songs by sound in hopes of winning up to $1 million. Whoever wins the most $ gets to play the final round against Shazam – the show’s computer. Actor Jamie Foxx and his daughter Corinne as DJ host the show. 

Fox Docos – The Royals Revealed (Season 1) 7.30pm 

The Royals Revealed will retrace the story of the high profile members, as well as examining their key relationships to ask what the future might hold for them. 

Real Life – The Cruise (Season 1) 8.30pm 

The Regal Princess is one of the world’s largest luxury cruise ships. The series takes an intimate and entertaining look on-board, as it travels from Copenhagen to St Petersburg. 

Lifestyle Home – House Hunters International (Season 175 & 176) 7.30pm

Buying a house is no easy task, but when it’s in another country, imagine the stresses of negotiating in a foreign language. Emotions run high as house hunters leave their familiar homes to look for new properties abroad.

Animal Planet – Jack Osbourne’s Night Of Terror: Bigfoot (Season 1) 9.30pm 

For years, Jack Osbourne and his friend, Jay Mewes, have been curious about the existence of the legendary creature known as Sasquatch, Yeti, or most commonly, Bigfoot. Now, they’re going to the site of the most reported bigfoot sightings over the last half century: Idaho’s Northern Panhandle. 

MTV – Ridiculousness (Season 29) 8.40pm

Host Rob Dyrdek is joined by Steelo Brim and more to judge and crack jokes about outrageous and chaotic videos from across the internet and beyond. 

May 2

Fox8 – The Ark (Season 1) 8.30pm 

Spacecraft Ark One encounters a catastrophic event on a mission to secure the survival of the human race; the remaining crew must survive with a lack of life-sustaining supplies, loss of leadership, and over a year until they reach the target planet. 

Fox Showcase – White House Plumbers (Season 1) 8.30pm 

The White House Plumbers by Egil “Bud” Krogh and Matthew Krogh tells the story of how Nixon’s own political saboteurs and Watergate masterminds, E. Howard Hunt (Woody Harrelson) and G. Gordon Liddy (Justin Theroux), accidentally toppled the presidency they were zealously trying to protect. 

Lifestyle – Jay Blades: Learning To Read At 51 (1 Hour Special) 8.30pm

TV presenter Jay Blades has decided it’s finally time to learn to read. He has been told he has the reading age of an 11 year old. Throughout his life he has found ways of avoiding the written word – and this film digs deep into how this has shaped him. 

TLC – Extreme Sisters (Season 2) 7.30pm 

Some sister bonds are stronger than others, but these sisters take it to the extreme. Their obsession with each other is over the top, and they unapologetically refuse to change anything about the unconventional ways they live their lives. 

May 3  

Fox Showcase – A Town Called Malice (Season 1) 8.30pm 

Set amongst the beach clubs and palm trees of the Costa del Sol in the early 80s, A Town Called Malice follows the Lords, a crime family of petty thieves from SOuth London, as they decamp from London to Spain to profit from an unexpected windfall – and to escape the attention of the police in a high-profile murder enquiry. 

Fox Docos – 1000% Me: Growing Up Mixed (90 Minute Special) 9.30pm 

Feature documentary on growing up as a mixed-race kid in America. 

Crime & Investigation – Homicide With Ron Iddles (Season 1) 7.30pm

Ex super detective Ron Iddles recounts the cases he has worked on, with interviews, re-enactments, plus police and news footage from the actual cases. Horrifying and fascinating, Ron provides his unique perspective, face to face. 

Investigation Discovery – Devil In The Web (Season 1) 9.30pm

This series is about the devastating effects of internet crime on its victims. Just being on the internet makes us vulnerable to crimes, as it allows strangers access to our intimate, personal lives.  

May 4 

Fox Arena – Slip (Season 1) 8.30pm 

It tells the story of Mae Cannon, played by Lister-Jones, a 30-something that finds herself restless inside a marriage that totally works. The series will follow Mae through a fantastical journey of parallel universes, as she enters new relationships, trying to find her way back to her partner, and ultimately, herself. 

Lifestyle – Huge Homes With Hugh Dennis (Season 1) 8.30pm 

Hugh Dennis takes us inside some of the most incredible houses in the UK, to find out what life is really like when you live in a massive home. He meets the people who live inside these homes and finds out what the estate agents would never tell you. 

May 5 

Fox Docos – Born To Be King (1 Hour Special) 7.30pm 

Reveals the compelling inside story of the extraordinary life of King Charles. The documentary uses unique, unprecedented and unlimited access to a fascinating well of footage to show a definitive story of the man behind the crown, while exploring the direction of the British monarchy under King Charles III. 

Crime & Investigation – Deadly Kin (Season 1) 8.30pm 

From the producers of long-running series Deadly Women comes Deadly Kin, featuring intriguing true crime stories of families gone wrong. It shows that when family bonds break, sometimes frightening forces are unleashed: love can turn to hate; respect to retribution and protection from harm. 

Lifestyle – Celebrity Gogglebox UK (Season 4) 8.30pm 

Celebrity Gogglebox returns to the screens with some of Britain’s recognisable famous faces! They share their sharp, insightful, funny and emotional views on popular and topical TV shows. 

Lifestyle – Gogglebox UK (Season 20) 9.30pm
Each week households across the UK will be asked to critique and review a number of programmes from the comfort of their own sofas. 

May 6 

Fox Docos – Live At The Metro Theatre – Angus And Julia Stone (1 Hour Special) 7.30pm 

Angus & Julia Stone are an Australian brother-sister folk-blues group which formed in 2006. Their parents played as a folk duo before Julia and Angus were born. Here they perform at The Metro Theatre, in Sydney, Australia, on October 10, 2007. 

Fox Docos – Fatboy Slim: Right Here Right Now (90 Minute Special) 9.30pm 

In 2002 superstar DJ Fatboy Slim organised a free beach party for his hometown of Brighton. 40,000 ravers were expected, but a quarter of a million turn up. Right Here, Right Now is the real story behind dance music’s most infamous gig. 

Discovery Turbo – BBQ USA (Season 1) 6.30pm 

It’s the most competitive game in food — BBQ! Chef and restaurateur Michael Symon heads to the biggest BBQ competitions across America to showcase the talented pitmasters, die-hard devotees and, of course, the most mouthwatering ‘que around. 

May 7

Fox8 – Bupkis (Season 1) 7.30pm 

Bupkis is a heightened, fictionalised version of Davidson’s real life. The half-hour live action comedy will integrate grounded storytelling with absurd elements from the unfiltered and completely original worldview for which Pete is well-known.

Fox8 – The Other Two (Season 3) 8.00pm 

Brooke and Cary are now fully successful in their own right and finally standing on their own two feet. Of course, that doesn’t stop them from comparing themselves to new people because no matter how much some things change, others will always stay the same. 

WWE – WWE Backlash 2023 (180 Minute Special) 10.00am 

The 18th edition of Backlash event series, hosted by Bad Bunny and featuring wrestlers from the Raw and SmackDown brands. 

May 8

Fox Arena – The Real Housewives Of Atlanta (Season 15) 1.30pm 

The Atlanta housewives continue to live their fabulous lives in Georgia’s capital city in this incarnation of the popular reality TV franchise. Relationships, a staple of the `Real Housewives’ shows, take centre stage as usual as the ladies’ love lives experience ups and downs. 

Fox Docos – Chip Wars (1 Hour Special) 8.30pm 

A new world order is taking shape before our eyes. The Covid-19 pandemic showed the extent to which great powers are dependent on strategic products. The persistent shortage of semiconductors, essential to our daily lives, is reshaping geopolitical relations, fuelling inflation and increasing tensions between America and China. 

MTV – MTV Movie & TV Awards 2023 (2 Hour Special) 10.00am

The MTV Movie & TV Awards 2023 celebrates an entertaining year of film and television, honouring unforgettable moments and performances from the stars who lit up the big and small screens. 

MTV – Catfish (Season 8G) 7.50pm

The hosts, Schulman and Joseph, are back to help emotionally entangled people discover whether their online relationship is real or not.

Nickelodeon – The Loud House (Season 6) 4.15pm

In a family of ten sisters and relatives, Lincoln Loud, a young and innocent boy, finds different creative ways with his best friend to survive. 

May 9

Fox Arena – Dubai Hustle (Season 1) 9.30pm 

With exclusive access to high-end property agency Haus & Haus, this sun-soaked series follows a group of young real estate brokers from the UK as they join the agency and try to earn the big bucks in this billionaire’s playground. 

Fox Docos – Stars Of The Silver Screen (Season 15) 6.40pm 

This documentary series takes an in-depth look at the lives of stars who have soared the highest. Come learn about your favourite stars and their extraordinary lives. 

Fox Docos – Inside Beverly Hills: The Land Of The Rich And Famous (Season 1) 7.30pm 

A gloriously escapist exploration of one of the world’s most glamorous and iconic places. Peek inside Beverly Hills’ opulent homes, hotels and businesses to see how the other half work, rest and play.

May 10

Fox Docos – Icons Unearthed: Fast And Furious (Season 1) 7.30pm 

Cast, crew, and experts will reveal never-before-heard stories about the most iconic film and television series.

Real Life – The Season (Season 1) 9.00pm 

The series follows the lives of six everyday Australian’s who choose to make sustainable hunting a part of their lifestyle. They train, they hunt and they provide food for their families and loved ones through ethical hunting, harvesting and preparation. 

BBC Earth – Dogs In The Wild: Meet The Family (Season 1) 7.30pm 

From the rugged peaks of the Himalayas to the blistering Sahara desert, wild dogs thrive in the least likely of places. They are the most widespread carnivores on the planet. 

May 11 

History – The Secret Of Skinwalker Ranch (Season 3) 8.30pm 

During this “groundbreaking” third season of The Secret Of Skinwalker Ranch, the team utilises the latest in cutting edge surveillance and scanning technology to document the anomalous, and often dangerous, energy and radiation spikes that occur while conducting experiments that stimulate multiple UAP to appear in the skies above the ranch.

TLC – Little People, Big World (Season 15B) 8.30pm

Amy and Matt continue to find friendship in unexpected ways, but tensions rise as Zach, Tori and Matt negotiate over the farm. When a surprise move creates new family challenges, Matt makes a decision that may change things forever. 

May 13

Fox Docos – Live At The Enmore Theatre – Blondie (90 Minute Special) 7.30pm 

Blondie emerged from the late 70’s New York punk scene and quickly became music, style and pop culture icons selling more than 40 million albums. Here they are performing at The Enmore Theatre, in Sydney, Australia, on December 8, 2010. 

Crime & Investigation – Catching A Predator (1 Hour Special) 9.30pm 

With exclusive access to Greater Manchester Police’s 2017-19 investigation this film tells the story of serial male rapist Sinaga’s conviction – the biggest rape case in British legal history. 

May 14

Fox Docos – Elizabeth: A Life Through The Lens (1 Hour Special) 7.30pm 

Using archive footage which has rarely been broadcast, the documentary takes a look back at Queen Elizabeth’s reign and how she handled a life on screen. 

BBC First – Unforgotten (Season 5) 8.30pm 

Human remains are discovered in a newly renovated period property in west London. But is this a murder dating back to the 1930’s or has the body been disposed of in more recent times? Sanjeev Bhaskar is back to lead the team alongside Sinéad Keenan who plays his new partner DCI James. 

May 15 

Fox Showcase – Fear The Walking Dead (Season 8A) 6.30pm 

Morgan, Madison and the others they brought to the island are living under Padre’s cynical rule. With our characters demoralised and dejected, the task of reigniting belief in a better world rests with the person Morgan and Madison set out to rescue in the first place — Morgan’s daughter, Mo.

Lifestyle Food – Alex vs America (Season 1) 8.30pm 

Brave and talented chefs attempt to take down Iron Chef Alex Guarnaschelli, the most feared and accomplished competition cook in America. 

UKTV – BAFTA TV Awards (120 Minute Special) 8.30pm 

The BAFTA Television Awards rewards the very best in television broadcast on British screens. 

TLC – 1000-lb Sisters (Season 4) 9.30pm 

After surviving a near-death experience, Tammy struggles to cope with her new reality. Then, she makes a life-altering decision, one that no one saw coming. 

May 16

Fox Docos – Kings Of Coke (90 Minute Special) 8.30pm 

Set against the unlikely backdrop of Montreal, Canada as the infamous northern party town is engulfed by violence and mayhem, Kings of Coke is a true crime documentary that chronicles the rise of one of North America’s biggest criminal organisations—along with the cops and journalists who relentlessly pursued its three leaders. 

Crime & Investigation – Once Upon A True Crime (Season 1) 9.30pm

In this new four-part series, each episode will see one of our authors lead us on a gripping journey to unravel the tale of how an infamous killer was caught… or evaded capture. Featuring top crime writers; Peter James, Denise Mina, Mark Billingham and Douglas Skelton. 

May 17 

Lifestyle Food – Justine Schofield Flavours Of Fuji (Season 1) 8.30pm 

Justine Schofield, star of cooking series, Everyday Gourmet, heads to the home of Mt Fuji, Shizuoka, Japan, for an experience like no other. In an area filled with an extraordinary amount of tradition and culture, Justine meets local artisans and producers, visits amazing places and learns time-honoured cooking methods.

Lifestyle Food – Simply Raymond Blanc (Season 1) 9.30pm

In Simply Raymond Blanc, the world-renowned chef distils his passion, vision and creativity into a mouth-watering collection of delicious new recipes right from the heart of his two Michelin starred kitchens. 

Lifestyle Home – Farmhouse Fixer (Season 2) 9.30pm

Jonathan Knight loves to restore old homes, and with the help of his designer, Kristina, he works to keep history alive by breathing new life into them. 

UKTV – Would I Lie To You (Season 15) 8.30pm 

Each week, two returning team captains are each joined by two celebrity guests. The two teams compete to fool their opponents into mistaking fiction for fact, and truths for lies, in a series of hilarious rounds. 

Discovery – Dirty Jobs (Season 9) 7.30pm

From the bayous to the Badlands to the desert and the sea, Mike Rowe is back on the job celebrating the next generation of entrepreneurial men and women on a mission of work to make civilised life possible for the rest of us. 

Discovery – Aussie Truck Rehab (Season 1) 8.30pm

Aussie Truck Rehab follows Jon and his team, along with their customers, his trucks – and the livewire characters who populate Jon’s world, as he uses every trick in the book to establish his new firm. 

May 18

Fox Docos – Music’s Greatest Mysteries (Season 1) 9.00pm

Taking viewers on an immersive journey investigating the infamous myths and larger-than-life personalities which have come to define the music industry throughout the decades. 

Real Life – One Born Every Minute UK (Season 9) 9.30pm

One Born Every Minute celebrates what it really feels like to become a parent, by taking a bustling maternity hospital and filling it with 40 remotely-operated cameras, filming 24 hours a day over a seven-week period. 

Investigation Discovery – Body Cam: EMT (1 Hour Special) 8.30pm

When a 17-year-old is shot, paramedics at North Channel EMS must piece together the clues to keep him from becoming a murder victim. Then, a man collapses on a treadmill. He’s clinically dead, but if paramedics can respond fast enough, they just might bring him back. 

Animal Planet – Tales From The Explorer’s Club (Season 1) 9.30pm

At the world-famous Explorers Club, a gathering place for trailblazers, club member Josh Gates recounts the greatest adventures of all time. Probing the club’s vast archive, he sheds new light on expeditions that the limits of human possibility. 

MTV – Ex On The Beach UK (Season 11) 10.00pm

A group of hot British singles are about to have their dream holiday ruined as one of their exes arrives to spoil the party. 

May 19  

History – Secret Societies: In The Shadows (Season 1) 7.30pm 

Throughout history, secret societies assemble for mysterious purposes, below the surface, under lock and key, in the darkest corners around the world. 

May 20

Fox Docos – A MusiCares Tribute: Paul McCartney (1 Hour Special) 7.30pm

The unmistakable Paul McCartney was honoured as “Person of the Year” by MusiCares at a gala event that brought together several artists to celebrate the Beatles’ victorious career. 

Investigation Discovery – Adnan Syed: Overturned (1 Hour Special) 9.30pm

It seemed like a done deal when 17-year old Adnan Syed was convicted of killing his ex-girlfriend Hae Min Lee in 1999 and thrown into jail for the rest of his life. Maintaining his innocence all the way, Syed languished in prison for 15 years — until “This American Life” journalist Sarah Koenig raised questions that brought his case back to life.

May 22 

Real Life – The Cruise (Season 2) 8.30pm 

The Regal Princess is one of the world’s largest luxury cruise ships. The series takes an intimate and entertaining look on-board, as it travels the world.  

Crime & Investigation – The First 48 (Season 25B) 9.30pm

The First 48 takes viewers behind the scenes of real-life investigations as it follows homicide detectives in the critical first 48 hours of murder investigations, giving viewers unprecedented access to crime scenes, interrogations and forensic processing. 

Lifestyle Food – Farm To Fork (Season 1A) 5.50pm

Watch and cook along as Farm to Fork embarks on a food journey across Australia, seeking out the freshest produce to create healthy inspiring recipes in the kitchen.

BBC Earth – Attenborough’s Wonder Of Song (1 Hour Special) 8.30pm

Sir David Attenborough chooses his favourite recordings from the natural world that have revolutionised understanding of song. Each one, from the song of the largest lemur to the song of the humpback whale to the song of the lyrebird, was recorded in his lifetime. 

Discovery – Barnwood Builders (Season 10) 8.30pm

Mark Bowe and his crew of West Virginia master craftsmen salvage antique barns and cabins, reusing the wood to create modern homes. They will stop at nothing to give 200-year-old structures new life, providing entertainment and inspiration along the way. 

Investigation Discovery – American Monster (Season 8) 9.30pm

Monsters can be found lurking behind any innocent smile and on any street corner in America. Never-before-seen-video footage stares straight into the eyes of these killers who hide in plain sight. 

Nickelodeon – The Really Loud House (Season 1) 5.30pm

The new series will follow Lincoln Loud, an 11 year-old boy with 10 sisters, as he navigates everyday life while living with such a large family. Known as the “Man with a Plan,” Lincoln enlists the help of his best friend Clyde McBride to tackle the obstacles and mayhem that they encounter during their daily adventures.  

May 23 

Fox Docos – The True Story Of The Barrymores (1 Hour Special) 8.30pm 

The True Story of the Barrymores is the chronicle of four generations of the Barrymore dynasty throughout the rise and falls that have marked American cinema history. 

History – Myths – The Greatest Mysteries Of Humanity (Season 2) 8.30pm

The series follows scientists and hobby researchers alike. Archaeologists uncover ancient graves and go on underwater expeditions. The traces lead to ancient Egypt, to Attila, the barbaric king of the Huns or straight in the middle of the infamous Bermuda Triangle. 

Crime & Investigation – Forensic Files II (Season 3) 7.30pm

Join more real-life investigations, as shown through re-enactments and interviews, with the specialists that either solved the cases, or remain baffled by their mysteries. 

Lifestyle Food – Beautiful Baking With Juliet Sear (Season 1) 9.30pm 

On Beautiful Baking with Juliet Sear, Britain’s beloved TV baker inspires amateur home chefs everywhere to roll up their sleeves and get cracking. 

May 25

Fox Arena – Starstruck (Season 1) 9.00pm 

Starstruck follows Jessie (Rose Matafeo), a millennial living in East London juggling two dead end jobs and navigating the awkward morning-after-the-night-before when she discovers the complications of accidentally sleeping with famous film star Tom (Nikesh Patel).

Real Life – 999: What’s Your Emergency (Season 6) 8.30pm

This long-running real-life series takes us right inside the world of the emergency services following the action from the moment the 999 call comes in, out onto the streets with frontline police and ambulance staff, and then into the custody cells, interview rooms and Accident & Emergency departments. 

A&E – Ice Cold Catch (Season 1) 8.30pm

When a newly-engaged American defence contractor and a struggling British yacht stewardess leave their thankless jobs behind to pursue highly-paid fishing jobs in Iceland, they discover a whole new realm of larger-than-life characters and unanticipated stakes.

Discovery – Gold, Lies & Videotape (Season 1) 8.30pm

This series explores the mystery surrounding one of the biggest treasures uncovered in Victorio Peak in southern New Mexico. In 1937 Doc Noss uncovered a cavernous peak allegedly housing almost 3 billion dollars worth of gold bars and historical artefacts, but despite various expeditions to Victoria Falls no treasure has ever been recovered. 

Investigation Discovery – Crimes Gone Viral: Eyewitness (Season 1) 9.30pm

Gripping clips of kidnappings, break-ins, wild car chases and other crimes rack up millions of views, but the stories behind these crimes are often never told — until now. This series takes viewers inside the most shocking crimes that went viral. 

May 26 

Fox Showcase – Mayans M.C. (Season 5) 8.30pm 

Returning to season 5, Mayans M.C.— a spin-off series of the network’s hit Sons of Anarchy— follows a motley crew of Latin men who found a family in the motorcycle club charter Santo Padre on the California and Mexico border. 

Fox Docos – Porn King: The Rise & Fall Of Ron Jeremy (90 Minute Special) 9.30pm 

The story of the porn star who, after 40 years in the adult movie industry, is now facing multiple charges of rape and sexual assault. 

Real Life – Rescue Cam (Season 1) 8.30pm 

Hosted by Matt Iseman, Rescue Cam is an incredible, no holds barred look at some of the most shocking and intense life or death rescues, standoffs, animal saves and close calls from across the country and beyond.

BBC Earth – Marie Antoinette (Season 1) 8.30pm 

Follows the famed queen Marie Antoninette, who was the last queen of France before the French Revolution. 

May 27

Fox Docos – Hell’s Highway – AC/DC (1 Hour Special) 7.30pm 

Hell’s Highway, a great live performance from AC/DC. 

Fox Docos – Carole King: Home Again (90 Minute Special) 8.00pm 

The date is Saturday May 26th 1973 and once-in-a-generation talent Carole King is performing for 100,000 adoring fans on the Great Lawn of Central Park, NYC – just 14 miles from the house in Brooklyn where she grew up. 

Discovery Turbo – Epic Drives (Season 3) 8.30pm 

Auto expert Arthur St. Antoine embarks on a high-octane global adventure in some of the world’s coolest, fastest cars. Experience 200 mph on a German autobahn in a Corvette ZR1 and running the Mille Miglia with racing legend Stirling Moss at the wheel. 

Investigation Discovery – Jared From Subway: Catching A Monster (Season 1) 9.30pm 

Radio journalist Rochelle Herman undertakes a covert mission to expose well-known Subway spokesperson Jared  Fogle as a child sex predator. 

May 28 

Fox Arena – The Real Housewives Of Cheshire (Season 16) 7.30pm

The ladies are joined by new Housewife and British Pop Royalty, Atomic Kitten’s Natasha Hamilton, who wastes no time in navigating a new marriage, surprise baby news and launching her solo career. 

WWE – Night Of Champions 2023 (180 Minute Special) 10.00am 

The 2023 Night of Champions is the upcoming 10th Night of Champions WWE event. It will be held for wrestlers from the promotion’s Raw and SmackDown divisions. 

May 29  

WWE – NXT Battleground (120 Minute Special) 10.00am 

NXT Battleground 2023 is the upcoming Special Event by WWE. It’s the 6th edition of the Battleground event series. 

Fox Arena – FBOY Island Australia (Season 1) 8.30pm 

Welcome to FBoy Island where three smart, strong women move to a tropical paradise where they are joined by 24 men – 12 self-proclaimed “Nice Guys” looking for love, and 12 self-proclaimed “FBoys,” there to compete for cold, hard cash. But the women have no clue who is who! 

Lifestyle – Super Surgeons (Season 1) 8.30pm

Behind the scenes at The Royal Marsden, a world-leading cancer specialist hospital, as surgeons attempt pioneering treatments trying to save lives. 

BBC Earth – The Mating Game (Season 1) 8.30pm

Exploring five different habitats across six continents, this series reveals the varied, fascinating and downright bizarre strategies different animals use to find a mate. It is the ultimate inside view on what it takes to succeed at the mating game. 

Animal Planet – Yeti Massacre (2 Hour Special) 9.30pm

In the winter of 1959, the mutilated bodies of nine hikers were found in the Ural Mountains of Russia. Were they slaughtered in cold blood by a yeti? If so, what drove this legendary beast to kill? Shocking evidence sheds terrifying new light on the Dyatlov Pass incident. 

May 30   

Fox Docos – BHP Newcastle: A City Within A City (1 Hour Special) 7.30pm 

If you grew up in Newcastle, then you’re probably connected to the BHP story. In 1959, one in ten Novacastrian worked there. This film is about that industry but mostly it’s about the people who worked there, risked their lives and loved their jobs. It’s about community. It’s about inclusion, everyone was paid the same rate for the same work, white, indigenous, refugee and women all equal. 

May 31 

Fox Docos – Being Mary Tyler Moore (90 Minute Special) 8.30pm 

The vanguard career of Mary Tyler Moore, who, as an actor, performer, and advocate, revolutionised the portrayal of women in media. 


May 1  

The Forger – Drops on VOD 12.00am (Linear TX 8.30pm, May 7)

Cioma Schönhaus, a 21-year-old Jewish man, escapes the Gestapo and saves lives thanks to his ability to forge passports. His other talent is forging his own identity. (Subtitles)

A Sister’s Nightmare – Drops on VOD 12.00am (Linear TX 8.30pm, May 13)

Police officer Jane Rydert’s life goes into a tailspin the day her older sister Cassidy shows up at her door after 16 years of confinement in a psychiatric hospital. 

Hoax: The Kidnapping Of Sherri Papini – Drops on VOD 12.00am (Linear TX 8.30pm, May 6)

The nationwide-media shocking story of young mother-of-two Sherri Papini, who disappears while jogging near her home, then reappears three weeks later on Thanksgiving Day claiming that two Hispanic women abused her.

Whina – Drops on VOD 12.00am (Linear TX 8.30pm, May 21) 

A biopic of the trailblazing Maori leader, Dame Whina Cooper, whose extraordinary life saw her break gender boundaries, champion the rights of Maori, and fight for the land – all the while staying true to her heart and her beliefs. 

Engaged To Be Murdered – Drops on VOD 12.00am (Linear TX 8.30pm, May 20)

Amanda Finley will stop at nothing to keep her son Jackson from marrying Olivia, who she believes is after his money.

Maneater – Drops on VOD 12.00am (Linear TX 8.30pm, May 12)

After an accident during their vacations on a paradisiac island, a group of friends is stalked by a large shark.

Punch – Drops on VOD 12.00am (Linear TX 8.30pm, May 16)

Jim is preparing for his first professional fight but begins to rethink his life’s trajectory and his sexuality after tangling with Whetu, a gay Maori boy who spends his days in an old shack down by the beach. 

Girl In Room 13 – Drops on VOD 12.00am (Linear TX 8.30pm, May 21)

Inspired by actual events. Grace (Larissa Dias), became addicted to opioids after her doctor prescribed them for a sports injury at a very young age. After three stints in rehab, she is finally ready to turn her life around. 

Harry & Meghan: Escaping The Palace – Drops on VOD 12.00am (Linear TX 8.30pm, May 8)

The couple’s decision to step back from the duties of the British monarchy following the birth of their son Archie.

May 2  

Confess, Fletch – Drops on VOD 12.00am (Linear TX 8.30pm, May 6)

After becoming the prime suspect in multiple murders, Fletch strives to prove his innocence while simultaneously searching for his fiancé’s stolen art collection. 

May 4 

Armageddon Time – Drops on VOD 12.00am (Linear TX 8.30pm, May 14)

A deeply personal coming-of-age story about the strength of family and the generational pursuit of the American Dream. 

May 11 

Halloween Ends – Drops on VOD 12.00am (Linear TX 8.30pm, May 13)

The saga of Michael Myers and Laurie Strode comes to a spine-chilling climax in the final instalment of this trilogy.

The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*ck – Drops on VOD 12.00am (Linear TX 8.30pm, May 28)

The film will explore society’s obsessions with the pursuit of happiness and will be presented by Mark Manson alongside Disappointment Panda, a character from the book whose superpower is to tell people the harsh truth. 

May 20 

The Woman King – Drops on VOD 12.00am (Linear TX 8.30pm, May 28)

A historical epic inspired by true events that took place in The Kingdom of Dahomey, one of the most powerful states of Africa in the 18th and 19th centuries. 

May 23 

Orphan: First Kill – Drops on VOD 12.00am (Linear TX 8.30pm, May 26)

After orchestrating a brilliant escape from an Estonian psychiatric facility, Esther travels to America by impersonating the missing daughter of a wealthy family. 

Railway Children Return, The – Drops on VOD 12.00am (Linear TX 8.30pm, May 28)

Follow a group of children who are evacuated to a Yorkshire village during the Second World War, where they encounter a young soldier who, like them, is far away from home. 

May 25  

Bros – Drops on VOD 12.00am (Linear TX 8.30pm, May 27)

Two men with commitment problems attempt a relationship. 

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