June on BBC
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June on BBC

June on BBC – highlights include Murder is Easy, Vigil, Who Do You Think You Are, Oceans Week, Spy in the Ocean, North Atlantic: The Dark Ocean and Dog Squad.

June on BBC
Murder is Easy

Australian Premiere

Sundays at 8.30pm from June 23

Also available on Binge and On Demand

Starring: David Jonsson, Morfydd Clark & Douglas Henshall

2 x 60′
England, 1954. On a train to London, Fitzwilliam (David Jonsson) meets Miss Pinkerton (Penelope Wilton), who tells him that a killer is on the loose in the sleepy English village of Wychwood under Ashe.

The villagers believe the deaths are mere accidents, but Miss Pinkerton knows otherwise – and when she’s later found dead on her way to Scotland Yard, Fitzwilliam feels he must find the killer before they can strike again. Because for a certain kind of person, murder is easy…

Further cast includes Penelope Wilton, Tom Riley, Mathew Baynton, Mark Bonnar, Sinead Matthews and Nimra Bucha.

June on BBC
Vigil – Series 2

BBC First Premiere

Fridays at 8.30pm from June 14

Also available on Binge and On Demand

Starring: Surrane Jones, Rose Leslie & Gary Lewis

6 x 60′
Hit drama Vigil, from the multi-award-winning team at World Productions, will look to the skies for its second series. A brand-new investigation takes Amy Silva (Suranne Jones) and Kirsten Longacre (Rose Leslie) into the hidden world of the air force.

Following multiple deaths at a Scottish military facility, Silva and Longacre are tasked with uncovering the cause. Entering the hostile and closed ranks of the air force, the pair must face the deadly warfare of tomorrow as they fight for their own future.

The second series will see Romola Garai and Dougray Scott joining the cast, alongside the return of Suranne Jones, Rose Leslie and Gary Lewis.

Vigil’s first instalment, which won an International Emmy®, was the most-watched new drama launch in the UK since Bodyguard – also from World Productions – in 2018.

June on BBC
Who Do You Think You Are – Series 19

Australian Premiere

Thursdays at 8.30pm from June 13

9 x 60′
This inspiring and informative reality series takes viewers on a personal journey into the pasts of well-known celebrities, sharing their emotion and surprise as they uncover the stories that lie at the heart of their family history.

In a new way of producing history programming, the show uses the popular pastime of genealogy to unlock major themes in history. Each episode follows an iconic celebrity as he or she uncovers the stories of heroism, tragedy, love and betrayal that lie at the heart of their family story.

As the famous participants travel the world discovering their ancestry, the show takes viewers back in time to see how history has shaped all of our worlds. A fascinating and absorbing narrative emerges around major events and cultural revolutions.

Celebrities that feature in this series include Bear Grylls, Claire Foy, Emily Atack, Lesley Manville, Chris Ramsey plus more.

June on BBC
Oceans Week

Nightly at 7.30pm from June 3

Oceans are one of Earth’s most dynamic and magical environments, home to extraordinary wildlife experiencing intense human activity. Discover hidden worlds and meet the people committed to finding ways we can protect these endangered ecosystems with BBC Earth’s Oceans Week.

A week-long celebration of our marine habitats to coincide with World Oceans Day.

Series include the Australian Premieres of North Atlantic: The Dark Oceans and Spy In The Ocean. Additional programming to feature throughout the week include Blue Planet: Revisited, Reef Rescue, Blue Planet II, Penguins: Meet the Family, Attenborough & the Sea Dragon plus more.

June on BBC
Spy in the Ocean

Australian Premiere

Tuesdays at 7.30pm from June 4

Also available on Binge and On Demand

Narrated by: David Tennant

4 x 50′
Cutting edge spy cameras called spy creatures take us deep into the ocean, revealing the surprising and hidden lives of its extraordinary creatures.

The spy creatures are taking on their most exciting challenge yet, exploring the ocean, one of the most magical and dynamic environments on Earth.

A brand-new cast of camera-toting spy creatures take us places no spy camera has ever gone before – from the colour and beauty of coral reefs to the extremes of rocky coasts.

New cameras include the largest ever spy creature, the spy whale, as well as the spy lobster, herring and puffer, all revealing the unseen behaviour and complex relationships that thrive in the ocean’s depths.

June on BBC
North Atlantic: The Dark Ocean

Australian Premiere

Wednesdays at 8.30pm from June 5

Also available on Binge and On Demand

3 x 60′
This ambitious natural history programme brings the iconic creatures and marine life of the North Atlantic into spectacular focus.

Inspired by the Irish ancestors that ventured before him, underwater cameraman Ken O’Sullivan explores the dark depths of the North Atlantic – and immerses the viewer in the mesmerising world of marine life exploration.

He addresses the urgent struggle to conserve the stunning sea life he encounters and pays homage to the ancient spirit of exploration.

June on BBC
Dog Squad

Australian Premiere

Weekdays at 5.05pm from June 3

35 x 15′
Join superhero working dogs Kika, Diesel, Meagaidh, Sylvie and Tinks as they use special skills to complete important missions for their owners.

This charming series, based on the real experience of assistance dog owners, follows each animal on heart-warming adventures. Kika is a Golden Labrador and a guide dog. Cocker Spaniel Diesel is a hearing dog for his owner.

Meggy is a Border Collie who performs search and rescue missions. Newfoundland Sylvie is a therapy dog who loves to help people when they’re worried.

And finally, Tinks is a Lhasa Apso who helps her owner with her disability. Combining live action and animation, the show offers pre-schoolers a unique way of understanding and recognising the work of assistance dogs.

June on BBC

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June on BBC

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June on BBC

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June on BBC

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June on BBC

June on BBC

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