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Drive TV returns on Channel 9 and 9Now this Sunday, February 19

Drive TV returns for a fourth season at 11:00am this Sunday, February 19 on Channel 9 and 9Now with all ten episodes dedicated to electric vehicles. 

Drive TV hosts Trent Nikolic and Emma Notarfrancesco take viewers on an electric journey delving deeper into the vehicle’s performance and technology whilst exploring some of their favourite road trip destinations across Australia.

“The Australian audience is a smart one. They want to see topics covered beyond the typical anxiety-inducing range questions”, said Trent Nikolic, host and Managing Editor of

“We received such a great response from our audience on the hour-long EV feature episode which aired last year, we realised we could dedicate an entire season to electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles to paint a more detailed picture of how the Australian automotive landscape is changing.”

Drive TV Executive Producer, Terry King said,

“Our previous electric vehicle TV feature was our highest rated and most streamed episode to date. Electric vehicles are so topical and we’re all thirsty for real-world, relatable content as we hear more manufacturers announce their transition targets to make the switch to a fully electric fleet.” 

“Our audience is almost a 50/50 female to male split and we wanted this season to focus on the vehicle as much as the destination,” said Drive TV host, Emma Notarfrancesco. 

“Our first episode stars the Tesla Model Y. We’re regularly seeing the Tesla brand featured in the top ten new vehicle sales race each month, so there’s a real interest there in the Australian market.

“There’s something for everyone in this season of Drive TV. We showcase a range of electric vehicles to suit all budgets ranging from the practical MG to the blisteringly fast Ferrari. That’s a price difference of almost $500k!” 

With 173 episodes screened across multiple channels to date, another 30 episodes produced for 2023, plus a one hour follow up documentary ‘Living with EV’s’ due to air in May, Drive TV has its foot firmly on the accelerator.

Tune in for Drive TV season four, episode one at 11:00am Sunday February 19 on Channel 9 and 9Now

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