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Death in Paradise (image - ABC)

Tonight | Death in Paradise on ABC and ABC iview

Death in Paradise on ABC – Neville calls the Commissioner when the team are called to a prestigious chess game, where a famous player has been murdered.

The following day, a toxicology report confirms that the player was poisoned – the white queen chess piece had been laced.

Back in the makeshift office, as Neville watches through the matches again, he has a lightbulb moment. The team bring a suspect in to explain how they discovered he killed the famous player.

Meanwhile, tensions run high when the Commissioner is reunited with his ex-wife, Maggie. Just as things are running smoothly between the two, her position in the investigation deepens, causing the Commissioner to re-think things.

Neville on his quest for love signs up to a dating site. However, when he struggles to find the right photo for his profile, Naomi and Darlene step in to help.

Death in Paradise – Sunday 2 April, 2023 at 7:30pm on ABC and ABC iview

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Death in Paradise
Death in Paradise (image – ABC)

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